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What is your profession? What is your title printed on your business card?
Graphic designer
What did you study and why did you choose to study that field?
Graphic Design
What is expected of you in your job, and how do you accomplish it?
Expectations vary with each client, but generally client want great looking branding materials at affordable prices. We accomplish this by providing the client with many different looks to pick & choose from. We combine the likes from the different looks to create the perfect piece.
What links do you have on the Internet: website, blog, social networks?
www.7one8.com, www.myspace.com/7one8design
Are you satisfied with the education that you received?
In which areas have you thought of building upon your education?
Business organization & management
In which tasks are you good at, and in which could you better yourself?
Our design capabilities are exceptional. We are working on improving our marketing & advertising.
Do you usually attended seminars or coursework to advance your professional work or would you consider yourself a more self-taught person?
Who have been the most influential people in your career?
My parents
With which types of persons do you feel you work well with as a team?
Creative & open-minded people
Which languages do you speak, and how have you learned them?
English & spanish
How do you feel about speaking in front of an audience? What experience have you had in this arena?
I have no problem speaking in front of an audience. I've been a part of a few panel discussions.
Do you attend cocktail parties, presentations, fairs or conventions related to your profession?
Have you explored the social networks for professionals online? Are you member of any of them?
Do you do telecommuting?
Yes. Majority of my work is done on the internet.
Do you feel your hobbies serve to elevate your career?
Most certainly.
What are the things you least like about your job?
Naive clients.
What is the most important thing you have learned from experience?
Stock up on band-aids.
What do you do to manage stress?
I work out & do yoga
What is your specialty?
Identity branding, logo design, website design, stationery design, html email design, powerpoint template design, myspace design
Where can we view your portfolio online?
What made you interested in design?
I passion for being creative.
What has been your professional career path?
10 years of building & developing my company 7ONE8 Design.
What is your motivation? What makes you get up in the mornings?
Being creative
How do you promote and move your work?
Word of mouth is my biggest promotional tool
What is your favourite type of customer?
One that is open-minded.

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