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What is your profession? What is your title printed on your business card?
I work in the Interactive profession. My title is Senior Digital Project Manager.
What city in the world currently attracts you due to its creative environment?
New York City is the most enticing city for me professionally and personally. With a vibrant and diverse environment, New York would be an excellent city to experience and work with people from many different walks of life! Creatively, NYC seems to be a place of inspiration and opportunity particularly in the interactive industry.
Please list some brand names or clients that you have worked for.
Yellow Pages Fosters (VB, Fifth Leg wines, Riccadonna, Carlton Draught) Cadbury Schweppes (Schweppes, Cottees, Cherry Ripe, Picnic, Favourites) Kraft (Vegemite, Philadelphia, Singles) Boag's Beer Shell (V Power, Helix, Advance) Ford AFL (Australian Football League)
What is your favourite thing about working in advertising and what is your least favourite?
I am currently working in an Agency that has a 360 approach to all briefs means digital isnt always an after thought. Which is great thing, however in my experience working as an Interactive producer in traditional advertising agencies, there has been a slow acceptance of digital as a real medium for advertising budgets allocated to the Agency. This however, is slowly turning around and I hope to see traditional agencies truely offering integrated solutions that didnt necessarily begin with a TV idea. My favourite thing about working in advertising is the diverse nature of it. The digital advertising I produce covers anything from online promotions to tactical stunts to mobile applications. Each day is filled with different client projects and the nature of online advertising is predominately short term making for an interesting ride!
When you select an intern to work, what quality do you deem the most valuable?
After a rigorous interview process, the winning candidate for the internships I have controlled, have always been enthusiastic, proactive and naturally demonstrated attributes for the role, whether it was the project management or creative internship.
Where can we see some of your work online?
Most recently I produced the Kraft Vegemite digital campaign elements (Website, Online display and eDMs) for 'How do you like your Vegemite' Census. Check out the website; http://www.howdoyoulikeyourvegemite.com.au Also, we just launched the new JWT Australia / New Zealand website. http://www.jwt.com.au Other projects (still live) I have worked on include; http://www.barryhallhall.com.au http://launch.yellow.com.au http://yellowadvertising.com.au/ http://www.bettinaliano.com http://www.stopchildabusenow.com.au http://www.jwt.com.au/christmas
Do you work by yourself, or in a team? how is that team?
I work in a small team, within a larger Advertising agency. We offer all digital services for the Agency clients and some of our own. As Senior Project Manager (and Operations) I manage the day to day running of the Interactive department, which includes a Digital Creative Director, 2 Digital Art Directors and 1 Jnr Designer. The team has a strong positive dynamic, as we have worked together at previous agencies and feels more like working with friends than colleagues.
What is the secret to keeping customer expectations under control in interactive development?
Transparency is key. By planning and outlining final deliverables with the client before development begins, its easy to keep expectations in check because they are right in front of you at all times. The approved documentation for project timing, development and delivery become the bible and the client can be involved and stay across the project easily, ensuring the relationship and the project status is clear and honest. Maintaining a transparent relationship with your client definately helps if a project element is delayed and will affect the end delivery date, for example. If you are honest from the start the client will appreciate your direct approach and the task of revising a timeline or a cost won't be as daunting for you or the client.
In the current interactive world, what is the most relevant trend?
A growing trend online that will become more and more exciting is customisable online environments and tools to customise products. From customising and ordering coffee blends, sneakers or your own personalised travel guidebook, this trend will change the way people interact with brands online and how involved they can get with their chosen product.

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