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What is your specialty?
I study design at the university. My speciality is about art history and interior, but i want to develop myself in creative way. It means illustrations, foto, images,prints...maby video. I don't want to limit myself.
Where can we view your portfolio online?
http://alionkiss.blogspot.com/ I would be so happy if you like it!
What made you interested in design?
I think design is not only how you can paint your walls at the kitchen...it's the instrument you can express your own style.Now design is the most strong and lively kind of modern art. It's kind of art wich is the closest to people...it makes you stylish dreams come thue.
What has been your professional career path?
I can't say that my career path was so long)) Long time i couldn't admit what kind of profasional way in desing i want to choose. I think that's why i was hampering myself. Now i deсided to build my career with web design and illustration as possible.Also i want to project furniture and interior objects,because i like it.
What is your motivation? What makes you get up in the mornings?
Every morning i say THANK YOU GOD for my life, for possibility to do things i want to do! So many people around me don't have favourite pursuit or hobby. I have my own. Painters are the special sort of people. Our fantasy have no borders and no limits. I want to show everyone that inside they have a great painters.So also i want beautiful world around me and i want change something i don't want to see.
How would you define your design style?
My friends (i have many freinds-painters and no painters)) say that i have my style. But i don't think so. I do what i feel, but i think that i didn't find some style, wich the great painters have. I want to study i want to develop! In some case to find your own style means to stop.
In which new areas would you like to experiment?
I would like to desing furniture. It's so important part of our life but sometimes it's quitу boring. I have many ideas to change it.
Shapes, color, concept: where do you usually begin when conceiving a design?
First of all i begin with idea. I think that every thing in our planet has to be create smart (like a nature do).I want every piece of art be useful or amasing. Sometime i create only beautiful forms or paintings about things which surprise or stagger me. Every has significance. I like graphics so much!
What are your sources for documentation and to generate ideas?
I like many many painters and artists! I respect every talented person. I study history of art and every classic painter like Leonardo,Djotto or modern like Si Scot for example bring something new. I learn it. How to think clean,stylish and purely like they were.I draw inspiration from many plases like painting, archtecture, design, fashion, foto, yoga!So many reasons to create))
List some things you dislike seeing in design.
I don't like not stylish things. I mean that if you create something ugly and banal you lose yourself. Every thing in desing has to be comfortable, beautiful and functional. I don't like useless things but at the same time if that thing is gorgeos its fantastic! I like it.
Do you believe the newer generations are better at designing?
I think that old masters did more stylish things than our. But now we have much more ways to express our ideas and its great advantage for us. We think bravely, we have new materials wich allow to do things old designers couldn't. But it doesn't mean that our ideas are better.
With which type of client would you decline in working for?
I would be glad to work with publishing house or maby magazine, i like to have a deal with different people in many sphers of design, because i have a wide horizon of interests.
How do you calculate budgets for a design project?
So i worked in kitchen design, there i have a stable salary and per cent for my order. When i've started to work with people by myself i've got a beforehand payment and when the work was done my clients gave me another part.
Which professionals in your field -contemporary or past- do you most admire?
Frank Lloyd Wright inspires me. He is a man of genius! So many names!!! Leonardo, Wagner, Daly,impressionists, Van Gogh,Amadeo Modelyany,Nolde,Frida Kalo,Helmut Newton,Colbert, Zaha Hadid.........oh my God!!!! so many talanted artists! There are some of them.
Which software applications do you most utilize in your work?
I like many techniques...but about computer i prefer Adobe Photoshop and Corel.I study 3dStudio Max. I like it but i know it not so well.
How do you distinguish passing fads from mainstays in new trends?
I think every real mature artist know what he do. If it's not true it means that all his art is fistion and only chance. My art goes from love between my heart and head. My heart dives me expresion and my head gives me strong confidence what i do. I know what i whant to express and i do accents when i think it shoult be. I want it harmony not war between fads and mainstays.
If you weren't a designer, what would you be doing?
I would work in close sphere i think. If i'm not than i want to work with animals.
At this moment, what would be your dream job or project?
I want to try doing my works for fashionable magazine. I like it so i have no reason not to try))
Can you see yourself in this field twenty years from now?
I think i have something to say...yes,i see

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