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What is your specialty as a stylist? fashion, salon, image, objects...?
I specialize in hair extensions, weaves, updos. Hairstyling for formal and entertainment events.
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something of your work or of where you work.
www.ANaturalImpression.com www.ANIHair.com
In what style or trend do you classify yourself?
Very natural with a trendy twist
What are your clients like?
My typical clients are professionals who demands the best of the best, very articulate, pays close attention to detail and rely a great deal on their image within their profession.
How did you begin to develop your talent? Have you possesed it since you were a child?
My talent developed early as a child. I would always focus on cutting and styling my dolls' hair. I would often experiment haircutting and styling my own hair thus having friends request the same. As a lover of art, I excelled in art class and was referred to a gifted art program at age 11.
What importance has professional training had on your career?
Professional training has brought my talent to another level. It expanded my knowledge to diversity, professionalism and scientifics of the beauty industry not soley hair.
When did you first realize you could make a living this way?
During high school
What people or experiences have taught you the most and helped you to arrive where you are?
Experiences of working in different areas of hairstyling. From salon ownership to production hairstyling has taught me much about team work, customer service, etc.
What is your concept of beauty? Why does it change so much from one culture to another, or from one era to another?
My concept of beauty speaks from the inside out and less is more. Every culture has its distinct features. During the course of its reign, another beauty element gains popularity by a new generation.
Do you need to love what you do, or does professionalism suffice?
As a professional Hair Stylist, I absolutely, positively need to love what I do. Professionalism is not adequate for me.
What do you do when a client requests something that you believe is not suitable for him/her?
I thoroughly consult with him/her and provide back up material.
Besides advising clients, do you also educate them?
Absolutely. I believe an educated client is a happy client.
Your definition of "glamour"?
My definition of glamour is a charming, alluring quality enhanced with high fashion, hair styling and makeup.
Please name three well-known personalities whose look you admire, and three who need to urgently change their image.
I admire Iman, Beyonce, Tyra Banks' look.
What trends do you see gaining momentum?
Textured hair, contrasting bob, haircolor of elements.
What magazines or websites do you follow to keep up to date? What other types of cultural inputs serve as sources of inspiration for you?
In Style, Modern Salon, Elle, Vogue, Hair is it
I would like to be more discerning when I buy clothes or furniture. What do you recommend I do to acquire this ability?
Browse through fashion and entertainment magazines, websites and television.

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