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What is your profession? What is your title printed on your business card?
To find solution to any visual problem with help of my design and illustrations Right now I am working as special visualiser in indian Express
What did you study and why did you choose to study that field?
I studied art and design In University of arts , London because its what I understand
What is expected of you in your job, and how do you accomplish it?
I find solution . I give visual solution with my illustrations and design
What links do you have on the Internet: website, blog, social networks?
old link though www.artwanted.com/anicrow2000
Are you satisfied with the education that you received?
nah! I am still learning
In which areas have you thought of building upon your education?
everything is interrelated I try t learn everything
In which tasks are you good at, and in which could you better yourself?
I am good at accomodating with new environment and I can change myself according to the need of the office . I have to work more and learn more
Do you usually attended seminars or coursework to advance your professional work or would you consider yourself a more self-taught person?
I attend to eveerything and try to learn from them myself
When did you realise that your work was being considered important and that it could possibly take you places?
when i was 11
Who have been the most influential people in your career?
many people cant count
With which types of persons do you feel you work well with as a team?
who work as a team
Which goals have you focused on in your professional career?
to be the best illustrator in india
Which publications associated with your field do you regularly read?
The indian express because i work in it for now and The Guardian - Outlook, Time, The times of India , The hindustan Times, Mint etcetc
Which languages do you speak, and how have you learned them?
english - I have done BA Hons in English literature Bengali- my mother tongue hindi - hindi movies
Do you have a website or blog? How was the process in making it? Does it accomplish the purpose for which it was created?
Dont really get so much time for writing blog these days
How do you feel about speaking in front of an audience? What experience have you had in this arena?
i like to speak i have attended several seminars and -- I have given lectures in art institutions
Do you attend cocktail parties, presentations, fairs or conventions related to your profession?
i dont drink - well I keep going to art galleries and exhibitions
Have you explored the social networks for professionals online? Are you member of any of them?
Npd (Newspage designers) , e caricatures, LinkedIn Etc Problem is I dont get enough times for them a lot
How are you different from others in your professional sector?
I am irritating and i say unpleasent truths and i like to work
How is the Interent changing the way you work?
well its a very good way to keep in touch and with this i can work from home ---Its a huge reference gallery and I can see what the world is thinking in my field everyday It saves money for ref books also
Do you do telecommuting?
yes i do
Do you feel your hobbies serve to elevate your career?
my hobby is my career
Do your hobbies aide in professional networking?
i m rather bad in networking i guess
Would you relenquish some of your income in exchange for more free time?
No ----------------------------------------------- money money money
What are the things you least like about your job?
Very few people here understand the job
Besides your current profession, what other things would you have liked to have been?
a handsome jobless billionire with a lot of girlfriends and a palace
What is the most important thing you have learned from experience?
don't trust anybody
When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
a cartoonist
Save some excpetions, do you believe professional and personal relationships should not be mixed?
yes for people like me who take office and work very personally
List any credits, publications, competitions, etc.
fanmails and letter from govornor
Your Bible?
my bookcases
How do you handle customer complaints?
by being angry inside and by trying to talk to the customer
Someone wants to ask for a pay rise and they ask you for advice in how to approach the matter with their boss. What do you tell them?
that I am the complete wrong person to ask advise from
What do you do to manage stress?
see movies
What are the most common mistakes clients make when they judge your work?
i change my work according to clients so less chance for mistakes

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