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What is your blog address? What subjects do you deal with?
http://www.successfulblogging.com/ Successful Blogging provides simple actionable tips to help writers and small busienss owners tap into the power of blogging.
What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?
I created Successful Blogging in March 2012 because so many people wanted to know how I grew my travel blog www.getinthehotspot.com to an audience of 25,000 readers per month.
What blogging system have you adopted and why?
I use Wordpress because it's the most easy blogging platform to use and you can do anything you want with it.
How many visits a day do you get? What type of comments do you receive?
Around 250 visits per day with comments being feedback on the posts, thanks and any other tips.
How has 'having a blog' contributed to your life?
Blogging has helped me grow my business, get my writing featured on some of the biggest blogs in the world, get all expenses paid trips to China, Japan and Canada and make some amazing business connections and friendships.
Have you created relationships with other bloggers or readers of your blog?
By commenting on other blogs and replying to comments on mine.
How often do you post? Does regular posting of your blog require a lot of effort on your part?
About twice a week. Yes, I often spend up to eight hours in a blog post.
Does blogging bring in income for you? Can one make a living from posting?
Yes, I make money by selling my web design and copywriting services, by selling my book and through advertising. It takes time to build up a profitable blog.
How do you promote your blog?
Guest posting and on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
How would you define your readers? Have you got a faithful audience?
Yes, a lovely faithful readership of mature, creative women who love writing and communicating.
Are there any blogs you follow daily or regularly?
Zillions! Problogger, Copyblogger, Penelope Trunk are the first names that spring to mind:)
Have you ever received gifts for blogging about your opinion of products or services? What do you think of bloggers who do that?
Do free overseas trips count?! It's a normal process. Full disclosure is needed.
How do you see your blog evolving in the future?
Bloggers will rule the world.... Or at least become more and more influential and respected.
What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?
Work out your goal and think about your readers then subscribe to www.successfulblogging.com for on-going tips and motivation:)

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Annabel Candy
Brisbane, Australia

[annabelcandy] Annabel Candy
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