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For you, what is "the good life"?
A good life is manifested if a human being has a revelation of His Creator and His Son Jesus
What is the secret to happiness?
The Secret of Happiness is experiencing the Love of God
What is a friend?
A friend is someone who sticks closer than a brother and who is willing to stand with you against all odds. Someone who is not willing to take part in your folly rather ready and able to correct you if need be
Please list your philosophy of good health.
An ounce of Prevention is better than a pound of Medicine
Does the soul exist?
Yes because the Bible says So 1 Thes. 5:23
Where does science end and ideology begin?
ideology begins when man fail to heed accurate science
Your own definition for beauty
Beauty Comes from within. It is invisible to the eyes yet seen by the discerning
What is God?
God is Love
If you were a millionaire, what would be your charitable work?
Spiritual Development of Families
Your sins and virtues.
Sin and Virtue
Please list three important words for the world today.
Faith Hope and Love
What is the best attitude to have for experiencing life and not missing out on its intensity?
On your death bed, what do you think you will regret not having done more of in life?
Not being able to reach all people
What will your epitaph be?
Life is not Life if it does not Know Love because God is Love

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Reginald Pamintuan

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