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How and why did you begin to be creative?
I think it's less of a choice than a natural inclination. You realize that you are quite rubbish at mathematics but awesome at staring out windows.
Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?
Extreme physical training. And playing with my kids as one of them not an adult.
How do you avoid repeating yourself, or falling into formula? How do you stay fresh?
Question is really about boredom. If you have done something there seems little point in repeating the exercise. It happens only when forces beyond your control compel it.
Do you have a ritual like retiring to a lonely place from time to time to cleanse your mind?
Maybe 3 days per year I just don't turn up to work. It's unplanned but liberating. Those days are brilliant. You're back in control.
Who have your teachers been?
Paul Belford, Nik Studzinski, Duncan Marshall, David Droga. And Gary Sneider, an Aikido Sensei and Gallery owner in NYC.
When you accept a job, how much value do you place on each of the following? Money, creative liberty, visibility, and to work with the best.
From my time a AMVBBDO til now at Droga5 it's been about the people, never the money. Never.
Have you ever had a job that was so stimulating that you could not get your mind off of it?
Yes. Alot. They are usually the ones that never happen and the crash is heavy afterward but the elation in the thought that you might get this amazing project out is intoxicating.
"To give birth to ideas." Is this only an expression, or are there really parallels between giving birth and creativity?
The idea isn't always the most difficult part. The labor is the craft and protection of the idea. That can be extremely painful.
It is possible to fall in love with a bad idea simply because it is yours. How do you avoid this?
I think you can fall in love with a less good incarnation of a good/big idea. You need great people around you to help build it better. The rule is generally - if not everybody you share your idea with is in love with it there's probably a fault that needs fixing.
Must someone be the leader or boss in order for a creative team to function well?
There's no rule. But it helps that one is s great editor and the other an idea generating machine.
What criteria do you use when selecting someone to be a part of your creative team?
I think we are looking for personality fit. Rockstars don't generally get a gig at D5.
What is the best advertisement you've seen recently?
Today I saw a Carlsberg stunt in a cinema involving rewarding people with a beer if they sat among 148 bikers. It was cool. Most didn't do it they obviously didn't know there was beer involved. It's a small thing, there's bigger more popular stuff around.
Do you work well under pressure?
I think I do, I'm not sure if I'm always a joy to be around in those situations though.
What do you feel when, after two or three years, you see an idea of yours again?
Jealous if it's done better. Otherwise not bothered.
Ideas can come simultaneously to different people in different places with no connection to one another. How do you explain this phenomenon?
I can't but it happens a hell of a lot.
You are as good as your last idea. Wouldn't you like to have a more secure type of work?

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