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What is most important to you in a relationship?
I this point I would have to say communication. I to that can set the stage for trust and honesty later.
What things would definitely stand in the way of any possibility of starting a relationship with someone?
The one thing that we talk about often in my relationship is passion. I believe a person has to have a passion for something in their life other than the other person if there relationship is going to have any depth and weight to it at all.
Do you keep on trying, even if your feelings are not reciprocated?
I am one that can take a hint. So It is important for me to not just give love but feel it as well. Relationships have to be a 2way street. Or it just will not stand a chance to be healthy.
Is conflict sometimes necessary to fuel love?
That is a funny question. Cause a lot of people think that MAKE-UP sex is so good. I don't believe is shying away from anger. And difference of option is fine as well. So I would have to say FUEL LOVE not so much. Adding another domination to your commitment yes.
Should we accept being alone or seek a way out as soon as possible?
Sometimes being along is a wonderful thing. There was a time before my current relationship when I was single and I got to discover who I was and my likes and dislikes. Going in to a relationship as a complete person is the key. A relationship should add to what you already have in motion. NOT COMPLETE YOU.
What three questions would you ask a person to see whether or not they could be considered a potential mate?
This is a good one. #1 What do you love to-do with or without me ? #2 Who are you ? #3 Do you love your mother ? In my option everything that we are goes back to Mom and Dad. The reationship we aime to have is recreated by the examples we grew up with.
Do you have a formula for increasing your partner's libido?
Well to me their is no formula. If I really know my partner and have a vested intrest in their happiness. Satisfaction sexually is part of that as well.
Do you believe love is possible when there are geographical, age, racial or cultural differences?
Now that you mentioned it, when I met my partner the was a 17 year difference and 1800 miles apart. We met on-line. People can met in so many ways now adays. But its all about keeping it in perspective. Cause there is something to be said for a face to face meeting.
What are the keys to a lasting relationship?
Just from the people I have known my life. Friendship is the key. You just have to enjoy spending time with them.

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