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What is your specialty in illustration?
Comic, sketch card and storyboards.
What are your regular clients like? What do they expect from you?
Fans of different genres of entertainment, such as comics, cult tv shows, and movies. Ad agencies and independent film creators who need a visual plan for their script.
Is there a web address where we can see some of your work?
Have you completed formal art studies, or are you self-taught?
A minor in Illustration. Majority is self taught and researched.
How did you get your first full assignment? What did it involve?
Storyboards for a student filmmaker who was making two short films about relationships.
What past or present day illustrators do you admire most?
Drew Struzan, Grant Gould, Jim Lee, Ralph McQuarrie, Tony Harris, Alex Maleev, Cat Staggs
How similar are your current drawings to those you did as a child?
Vastly different. Moved from line drawing as a kid, to a greater understanding of space, shadow, and dynamic movement after college.
What was your favorite comic book as a child?
Do you have a particular style, or does it vary a lot?
My style is typical of most comic book artists. Hard inks over pencils, color and shadow for depth.
What is hardest to draw?
Hands, and weighted figures in perspective.
What type of music do you listen to while you work?
Electronica, dub, lounge, alt rock, and jazz.
Do you have a favorite work of art?
Drew Struzan's poster art for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".
What do you do when a client simply says "I don't like it"?
Ask probing questions. Find out how their vision differs from what I did.
What new techniques have you been experimenting with lately?
deeper blacks, color as base, washes for backgrounds.
What part of your work do you do on paper and what part digitally?
Almost all of my roughs, finishes, and coloring are done on paper. Digital layouts, cropping, and degausing is usually done digitally.
What research do you do for your illustrations?
Lights and physical figures for shadow and muscle. Pictures, pictures, pictures.
Do you have colleagues with whom you share techniques, tricks, ideas, etc.?
All the time. http://scoundrelpublishing.com/spart/index.php
Do you have any specific goals as an illustrator?
To create and publish an ongoing webcomic, based on my original characters.
What illustration web sites do you frequent?
scoundrelpublishing.com deviantart.com
What are you working on now?
Original characters for a creative partner's fantasy book. Webcomic. Original characters and vehicles for creative partner's board game.
What advice do you have for someone who likes to draw and would like to make a living from it?
Draw every day, no matter what. Never think you know it all. Take constructive criticism as it is meant to be. Always keep submitting to publishers.

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Chadd Keim
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