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What is your specialty: creativity, contact, or research?
We specialize in Creativity and Execution of media campaigns for small to medium corporations. We also produce TV commercials, streaming web videos, corporate marketing videos/dvd's and infomercials for a broad base of clients.
Please list some brand names or clients that you have worked for.
We have worked with hundreds of clients. For a complete list of the types of businesses we have worked for go to conciseadvertising.com, or call for an appointment. 425 649 3565
Have you got a blog or web page?
What do your clients value more, strategy, creativity, design, or return of investment?
We work on creative strategies to produce high return on investment.
The word 'creativity' is much-used in advertising, yet most commercials are annoying, why is that?
Because there are over 3 minutes of commercials per break, and and at least 3 breaks per half hour program. This is a lot of "creativity"
Can a bad advertising campaign sell well?
The key is repetition. If there is a product that is in demand, and you remind the consumer how to obtain the product, it doesnt matter about bad advertising. If the demand is there, the phone will ring.
Which advertising agencies and directors seem the best to you at this moment?
There are many. Concise Advertising specializes on saving clients money and producing results
How do you respond to the classic quote, "I love the idea, but right now's not the time"?
Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise!
What brings you the most satisfaction: when your advert pleases your boss, your client, your friends, or your mother?
Definately the client
How do you see the transition between traditional advertising and online advertising?
On Line is not as effective, and becomes annoying. If there is an interest, On line provides a direct link to a company's site. It can be benneficial.
Are people in advertising paid too much?
Some agencies are more interested in lining their pockets, rather than working for the client. We are more interested in creating affordable campaigns that produce results. Some people are paid too much. If your agency rep shows up in a mercedez, I would look at the whole picture.
Is advertising merely spam?
Have you ever felt cheated by adverts?
What is your favourite thing about working in advertising and what is your least favourite?
It is what I know, Love, and do well at. I have no least favorites.
Do advertising festivals help to improve the industry, or are they only ways for the elite to pay homage to themselves?
The American Advertising Federation has some beneficial events. Other events are beneficial as well. They give people new ideas.
When you select an intern to work, what quality do you deem the most valuable?
Brand names as generators of content hardly ever have success: is the online world different in this sense?
Does the public buy the product or the product image?
Has your experience in qualitative research served in helping you discover new pathways or, more often than not, to kill good ideas?
IMPACT! Is this the main scale for judging the work of an advertising professional?
Repetition, Reach, Frequency also count.
What are the main mistakes clients make in judging creativity?
they have no concept of production costs
Is it possible for someone in advertising to communicate well with people of other generations or cultures not their own?
In advertising, what is most effective, frequency or surprise?
Surprise is effective once, Frequency is then used. The surprise shoud be revised to chaper 2 of the surprise.
Is a political candidate the same as a product?
How do you explain the way in which some brands have been able to expand so widely and rapidly without advertising? Are the laws of marketing changing?
Supply and Demand. The laws stay the same.
What advice would give to someone who wants to join the ranks of advertising?
Start at the bottom and pay your dues.

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