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What is your specialty: creativity, contact, or research?
Large group work and One-On-One Mentorship
Have you got a blog or web page?
http://DovBaron.com (blog) http://BaronMastery.com (main Site) http://RadioDov.com (Archives of My radio Show KWRM 106.9 Seattle) http://www.facebook.com/DovBaronMastery (FaceBook fan page) https://twitter.com/DovBaron https://youtube.com/dovbaron Many more active sites
What do your clients value more, strategy, creativity, design, or return of investment?
Clarity! Through this I we can give them freedom to be creative, design stategies that work for them and this provides ROI
The word 'creativity' is much-used in advertising, yet most commercials are annoying, why is that?
It suggests freedom, a driving for in the psyche
Can a bad advertising campaign sell well?
You would have to define "Bad" That being said any campaign will work if it pushes the right pain buttons
Which is your specialty in psychology?
Dealing with those who have it all, and have found the emptiness of it
What types of clients do you work with?
The highly driven, the high achiever.
Is there a web site or blog where we can learn more about you?
https://DovBaron.com (Blog) https://BaronMastery.com (Main Site) http://youtube.com/dovbaron (YouTube channel) http://www.RadioDov.com (Archives of my Radio Show. Accidental Guru on KWRM 106.9 Seattle) http://www.facebook.com/DovBaronMastery (FaceBook Fan Page) https://twitter.com/DovBaron There are many more active sites
What methods do you employ? Could you briefly explain the principles your approach is based on?
There are many in my tool box, I use whatever is needed. The principle I am able to demonstrate is that everyone is living in their own Personal Reality Matrix (TM) Which means that we are all creating our reality and that everything is driven from unconscious issues left unresolved. This creates something called a personal emotional resonance field, that combined with a mind that has been trained from your early years means that you are literally blind to certain things.
How do you market your services? Where do your new clients come from?
Reputation, word of mouth
How obsolete is Freud today?
Freudian understand of psychology will always have a place. However, as our understanding of not only the mind but also the brains neurology and plasticity increase and we apply this to a deeper understanding of the quantum field psychology. Freud, and so many others offer at best a limited perspective.
What are some simple things that one can to do to fight stress and anxiety?
Breath! Most people stress levels can be controlled at the simplest levels by them monitoring their breath. The lack of deep, full breaths reduces circulation the the frontal cortex rendering the individual into at least the first stages of Fight-flight or freeze
Depression is almost epidemic. What is going wrong on the societal level?
Much of what keep people depressed can be put into some fairly simple categories: However, this by no means covers everything. That being said, at a base level depression is a result of repression. Our society is a repressed one and as a result we have a massive amount of comparative thinking repressed individuals who do not feel that it is safe to express their emotions, and all to often this can show up in violent outburst.
What do dreams mean?
Dreams are a combination of subconscious issues surfacing in the form of various symbols and stimulus of the previous few days. Dreams can be either extremely revealing or disconnected ramblings. That being said, the emotional state in the dream ALWAYS reveals something worth examining.
Why is it so difficult for us to forgive ourselves?
We are conditioned to forgive others. While forgiving ourselves seems to be interpreted as permission to repeat our offense, even if it is an offense we are the only ones who would punish ourselves for.
What does the phenomenon of falling in love consist of? Is there a cure?
Falling in love is a neurological chemical response to a set of stimuli. Is there a cure yes, it`s called being dead inside. We fall in love with with those who have the potential to wound us the most and heal us the most.
What are the keys to creating healthy relationships?
There are many keys: Number 1, is all healthy relationships are built on healthy boundaries. Which hold together `The 5 foundations of Uncompromising Relationship`(TM) Despite what we have been taught: Compromise is relationship cancer
What new trends in psychology have stirred up your interest the most?
Quantum-psychology (See previous responses)
Is it possible to program the unconscious mind for success?
Yes, However, most methods are ineffective at best. We must get into the unconscious at a level that interfere with the automatic responses. Remove the weeds first then plant new seeds.
What books do you recommend to help us develop a better understanding of ourselves?
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck Don`t Read This... Your Ego Won`t Like It! by Dov Baron Don`t Read This... Unless You Want More Money! by Dov Baron
How should one deal with a friend who "psychoanalyzes" without having been asked to do so?
Once again we are back on the subject of creating health boundaries. The person doing this is in all likelihood doing it out of the goodness of their heart. However, if you didn't employ them to do this...You need to create a healthy boundary. Always remember, People do not break your boundaries, you allow them to!

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