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Dance music

Please list discography in which you have participated.

INTERLUDE - 12 classic jazz standards performed by the unique voice of Caroline Sweeney. Accompanied by the Brian Melville Quartet..
*Also available for download on iTunes.

ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL - 11 popular songs performed by the fabulous voice of Ronnie Walker in a jazz style accompanied by Swingthing.
*Also available for download on iTunes.

EASY DOES IT - 13 great easy listening tracks by Ronnie Walker accompanied by Swingthing and featuring Jonathan Melville on Tenor sax.

DIDDLE DIDDLE DOODLE DOO - 22 nursery rhymes for early learning sung by Caroline Sweeney and arranged by Brian Melville.
*Also available for download on iTunes.

DIDDLE DIDDLE DOODLE TOO - sequel to Diddle Diddle Doodle Doo. 26 nursery rhymes and songs for young children sung by Caroline Sweeney and arranged by Brian Melville.
*Also available for download on iTunes.

TOUCHDOWN FROM TOKYO - 12 original tracks composed and arranged by Brian Melville.
*Also available for download on iTunes.

CHRISTMAS VOICES OF ALLERDALE - ten popular tunes for Christmas specially arranged by Brian Melville and sung by school children from Allerdale.
*Also available for download on iTunes.

VIKING COLUMBUS AND THE TECHNICOLOR TIME MACHINE - music by Brian Melville, lyrics by Morgan Sweeney. Performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1995.
*Also available for download on iTunes.

SIMPLY SEQUENCE - 21 popular tunes in strict time arranged specially by Brian Melville for sequence dancers.
*Also available for download

What do you currently have in your MP3 player?

A lot of Korean hip-hop, hip-hop in general, club/dance music, and then acoustic and indie stuff, pop, a bit of classical, an abundance of soul and a bit of blues.

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

Douglas Therrell North Carolina grew up in a family full of amateur musicians. From the time he was an infant, Douglas had rhythm and enjoyed music of all genres. It wasn't unusual for family members to gather around the Therrell household at dinner time to round out the day with song and dance. His mother and his aunt would sing, his father, uncles and grandparents played a variety of musical instruments including the piano, banjo, guitar and fiddle. Douglas could be seen bouncing around in his crib to the beat of the music. Douglas also had access to the family’s large 3 band radio, which he tuned in to listen to every day as a toddler. His mother and aunt took him to concerts to hear the great musicians of the time, such as the Benny Goodman Orchestra.
So, it’s not surprising that from the young age of six, Therrell wanted to teach music. He ultimately did but not before paying his dues. Doug took voice lessons, advanced through the music programs all the way up through high school. During his high school years, at age sixteen, Therrell started his own band and was the lead singer, trumpeter, and booking agent. When it came time for college, Doug settled on Florida State University, where he worked on his studies for five years, earning a B.A. and M.A. in Music.
From there, Douglas went on to become a professor of music at Mars Hill College at the young age of twenty-three, fulfilling his stated intentions when he was just six. After several years as a successful teacher, Douglas decided to march to the beat of a different drummer and left Mars Hill College to enter the commercial real estate insurance business.

What cultural sources do you draw from the most?

Music, art , dance and big city expressions of the strong character of people from different backgrounds

How did you begin making music? Who introduced you?

My interest in music started (like most) at a young age when i was introduced to different music genres like hiphop ,dance, pop, rock and country. This is when i was introduced to artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Alan Jackson, Frankie Knuckles, Daft Punk, Tiesto, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Toby Keith, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, 2 Unlimited. Without knowing at that time, this formed the base for my musical career.

In 2008 i found out about the art of spinning records by some friends who were deejaying and organizing there own parties. This intrigued me to such an extent, that from that moment on i knew without doubt that he wanted to become a DJ.

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

I sing, dance and play a couple musical instruments

What is your sport, and what level of commitment do you have to it?

Volleyball, Dance, Rugby, Music, Cross Country, football, basketball and baseball! Fully committed to all!

What do you surround yourself with in your work area in order to help your concentrate?

Jade Sperry (jadedphotography.me)

I have a "wall of fame" which has pictures from my past (family and good friends), pictures that I've taken of bands (my fav pictures) and artistic pictures of water, dance, frogs, Princess Witch Boy, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. And Jared Leto. That is one man who despite the odds is a good actor and a great musician.

What do you think about public funding for the arts?

There should definitely be public funding for the arts. Some schools can not afford the necessities or teachers for art classes. And some museums can not afford to stay open. They want to remain free so all people can have a chance to see and experience it. Without the arts people would not be able to express themselves. When I say arts I mean all arts dance, music, and theater not just hand made art. Art is a necessity. it is, and will always be a part of our history, culture, life and future.

How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?

I was homeschooled and my mom nurtured my creativity from the time I was very young by getting me involved in all kinds of art, music, and dance. I don't know how other people's creativity works so I can't really compare it to anything, but I do know when I have an idea for a song it usually comes to fruition in anywhere between 5 minutes and half an hour. Longer if I am composing an instrumental piece but for most of the vocal melodies I write, they happen quickly.

What type of music do you detest?

Gangsta rap/hip-hop, techno/dance, and pretty much all current pop music.

Please list discography in which you have participated.

OSA / The Original SiNNeR Angelo : Discography - Genre : Alternative / Electronica Glitch / Dark Orchestra

2006 - "Me Inside"
Track : A Sinful Dream World - Album : Me Inside
Track : Anger of The World - Album : Me Inside
Track : Dr. Satan - Album : Me Inside
Track : Faces in the Crowd - Album : Me Inside
Track : Journey into Darkness - Album : Me Inside
Track : Nice Day to Kill - Album : Me Inside
Track : Not E-Nuff - Album : Me Inside
Track : Razorback - Album : Me Inside
Track : The Resurrection - Album : Me Inside
Track : Torn - Album : Me Inside
Track : Your Obsession - Album : Me Inside
Track : Unwanted Memories - Album : Me Inside

2008 - "Self Destruction"
Track : Beg 4 me - Album : Self Destruction
Track : Dark Soul - Album : Self Destruction
Track : Dreamer - Album : Self Destruction
Track : How Long - Album : Self Destruction
Track : Joyride of the Mind - Album : Self Destruction
Track : Rise of a SiNNeR - Album : Self Destruction
Track : Self Destruction - Album : Self Destruction
Track : She Fell Apart - Album : Self Destruction
Track : SiNNeR - Album : Self Destruction
Track : The Master Plan - Album : Self Destruction
Track : The Return of Dr. Satan - Album : Self Destruction
Track : Tragedy Strikes ( When will you die) - Album : Self Destruction

2009 - "Singles"
Track : 25 to Life
Track : A Fresh Breath of Air
Track : A New Journey
Track : Boom goes the world drum
Track : Disbelief
Track : Game Over
Track : God help us all
Track : Ignorance
Track : In My Mind
Track : Not this Time
Track : People Killer
Track : Rain dance
Track : She Fell Apart (Harder Rework
Track : Stigmata
Track : Sunset
Track : Tossed in the lines of Fire

2010 - "Sins of a SiNNeR"
Track : Black - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Demonic - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Freak - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Kick the Orchestra - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : My Darkest Lesson - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Robotic Madness - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Stigmata (Torture mix) - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : The Dream - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Thrashing of the Mind - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : What the Devil Does (Club edit) - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : What the Devil Does - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR
Track : Whispers in my head - Album : Sins of a SiNNeR

2011 - "Singles"
Track : Automation
Track : Because You Prayed For Them
Track : No Remorse for lost Souls
Track : This is only the Beginning (Battle for Los Angeles)

2012 - "Operation Sound Abuse"
Track : The Last Day - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : The Last Day (Extended Mix) - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Diavolo - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Fade Into Darkness - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Somewhere Out There - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Majestic - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Transitions - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Dia De Los Muertos - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : The Prophecy - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Void - Album : Operation Sound Abuse
Track : Lost in Darkness - Album : Operation Sound Abuse

Blaq Dot : Discography - Genre : House / Progressive House / Electro House

2011 - "Metamorphosis EP"
Track : Yer On! - Album : Metamorphosis EP
Track : As You Dream - Album : Metamorphosis EP
Track : Dot, Dot, Dot! - Album : Metamorphosis EP
Track : Blaq Feelings - Album : Metamorphosis EP
Track : Possiamo fare il mondo muoverci! - Album : Metamorphosis EP
Track : Blaq - Album : Metamorphosis EP

2011 - "Singles / Remixes"
Track : Dr. Satan (Blaq Dot 2011 Re-Work)
Track : GROOVE ThAnG!
Track : Tiësto feat. Kay - Work Hard, Play Hard (Blaq Dot Remix)

2012 - "Singles / Remixes"
Track : Rhythms
Track : Now Is The Time (Original Mix)
Track : Human (Blaq Dot Remix)
Track : Euphoria (Blaq Dot Remix)
Track : Mutual Core (BlaqDot Remix)

2012 - "The Thrills of Life"
Track : My F$@&ing Way! (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life
Track : Rex The Panda! (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life
Track : Feel This Music (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life
Track : Unstoppable (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life
Track : The Thrills of Life (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life
Track : One World Lifted (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life
Track : Tear away from yourself (Original Mix) - Album : The Thrills of Life

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

I'm a versatile dance music producer, remixer and DJ.

How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?

My creative territory? hmmmm I am greatly influenced by the classic 60s and 70s when you had to play real music. But then again, I love dance, I love melodramatic broadway, serene symphony etc. I generally love all music except heavy dark, screeching metal. I cannot relate and it gives me hives

What was your musical education?

a few months of piano, 2 years of guitar, 1 year of clarinet, some music courses in college. Mostly practicing on my own, singing, working out, dance rehearsing..etc. It's a non-stop, while other people have lives...

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

AJUKU GIRLS are an American Jpop group. We write music, sing, dance and love to perform and create electronic pop music with hip hop influences... we're a little bit of this and a lil bit of that. We even rap, beat box, and our girl DJ Dream is even a b-girl.

What is your short list of healthy habits?

Fish Oil
Gluten Free/Dairy Free diet
Organic Produce
Plenty of Zzz's and plenty of water
Love (receiving and giving)
Laughter (the bellyaching kind)
Listening and singing music that inspires me to feel alive!
Help others who cannot help themselves (and even those who can!)

What do you do? How do you define yourself as an artist?

I am a multimedia artist. I use different kind of medias to transport my message. These are: dance, music, voice, performing arts, styling, lyrics, film and photography. Please see my production: www.aeloblue.com

Give us a simple proof for the existence of the soul.

Love, sacred expression, dance, art, music, joy, peace, stillness.

Do you work alone or in a group? If in a group, who are the others you work with?

I perform with a backing group of some of the most talented musicians, singers and dancers I know. Guitarist Carl Strand serves as my music director, overseeing my musicians. Vocalists Latisha, April Diamond, Juliet B. Rock and other guest stars often perform with me in concerts and on TV shows adn TV Specials.

If you were a millionaire, what would be your charitable work?

My brother is blind with cerebral palsy. He spent the first half of his life at the amazing Perkin's School for the Blind in Watertown, MA where he learned braille, planted gardens on their castle-like campus and swam in their indoor pool as if his legs really did work.

In college, I worked in group homes with clients just like him. As a case manager, I advocated for their human rights, came up with meal plans that made them healthy and happy, and developed an activity calendar so that they smiled each and every day. I made photo albums, held theme parties with fake cocktails, took them on vacation, had cooking classes... you name it, we did it.

After four years of college at a private art school, my student loans couldn't be paid on a social worker salary, so I joined the tech industry in accordance with my degree.

When I visited my old clients last year, almost six years since I last saw them, their happiness and excitement had been replaced with boredom and sleepiness. This was the standard of care I found in OTHER group homes when I was working there, but not at mine.

There were decorations and photos still on the walls that I had made and hung when I worked there. In seven years, they should have made new decorations and taken new happy photos.

It broke my heart to talk to a counselor who had no idea that one of the clients could read. I gave my old client an book and her face lit up. The staff stood there shocked that they didn't know. I stood there shocked that they hadn't even tried.

As they were served their instant macaroni for dinner while one of the staff people talked to her friend on the phone, I left and wished that I could have stayed, maybe forever.

My brother is now in a group home, and we've faced a lot of the same problems. When he got cataract surgery, he ripped his stitches out, he gained twenty pounds soon after moving in, and worst of all, they leave the happiest funniest kid home during group activities because he's in a wheelchair.

He's bored and deserves to have an exciting life just like everyone else.

So if I had a million dollars, I would start a chain of group homes and use my marketing and publishing background for "good". The standard of care would embarrass every other group home I've ever stepped inside.

Every home would have a nutritionist and an activity coordinator. The staff wouldn't be allowed to sit in front of the TV watching music videos or talking on the phone. The staff would be like me, they'd care, they'd even bring their clients home for Thanksgiving if their family didn't pick them up. They'd care, they'd care, they'd care.

How do you sell yourself? What has been your experience with record companies and representatives?

I sell myself by staying consistant and dynamic, I can make any type of music I want to, and if you have been following me you have heard dance, rap, pop and rock from me. I know a lot of music execs and major artist. I'm cool with all of them and always willing to work with them if the business is right.

List any credits, publications, competitions, etc.

A very small sample of my photography has thus far been posted at www.studioscordatura.com

I have done the principle photography for the CD "41st Street All-Stars: Everott Compilation" Vol. 1, the only full color band photo in "Seattle Metal Online" compilation vol. 2, four photos on the booklet cover in the Post-Mortem Pre-Op CD "Notes from the Four-Track Abattoir" Vol 6, one photo on the booklet cover in the Post-Mortem Pre-Op CD "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" and one photo on the back cover of the Post-Mortem Pre-Op Demo CD. The first two CDs are for sale at http://thetrashcollector.com/compactdiscs.html The last three CDs are Sold out.

I have collaborated with artist Mortimer Dempsey (nee Scott Aaron Stine) who has used my photos in his digital art and can be found for sale on Saatchi Online at http://www.saatchionline.com/mortimerdempsey

I have four photos in The "Trashfiend's Guide to Collecting Videotapes" magazine and the authors photo in the book "Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s & 1970s". Both are for sale at http://thetrashcollector.com/booksfilm.html

I have taken many photos for the post-industrial rock band Post-Mortem Pre-Op as well as collaboration photography/film making with artist/writer/musician Scott Aaron Stine.

I have edited Mr. Stines three books "The Gorehound's
Guide to Splatter Films of the 1960s & 1970s" "The Gorehound's Guide to Splatter Films of the 1980s" and "Trashfiend: Disposable Horror Fare of the 1960s & 1970s". I have also edited the many short stories & chap books of writer Reginald E. Bloom.

For Stigmata Press I have functioned as Co-Publisher, Circulation Director, Editor, Film Critic, Writer and/or Photographer for such magazines as Gick!: The Journal of Horror, Splatter & Exploitation Films, Trashfiend: Horror & Exploitation Fare from the 1960's & 1970's, Filthy Habits: Hardcore & Sexploitation Fare from the 1960's & 1970's and The Trashfiend's Guide to Collecting Videotapes.

For Stigmata Films I have functioned as Co-Director, Cameraman, Producer, Lighting Tech., Stuntman and/or Actor for the short films "Guttersnipe Baby", "Dream House" & "Circuit Breaker" aka "Fuse Box", the full length film "God's Hooks" and the documentary "The Unmaking of God's Hooks".

I edit, buy items and sometimes write item descriptions for www.thetrashcollector.com

I am featured on Page 64 in the book "We Are All Indians Now" by artist Steven Johnson Leyba



What type of music do you detest?


Is there a web address where one can listen, see, or read some of your work?

Yes, I have both an account on Soundcloud as AudioDile which contains most of my single track remixes of mashups, and a website at www.audiodile.com which contains older tracks and longer sets of different styles of dance music and chill music.

Is there a link to a site where we can see references to your work?

http://iamstevenmichael.com and http://gay-music-dance.blogspot.com

Please list any awards, competitions, or other acknowledgments you would like to mention.

Press reviews of Naxos CD "Jack Gallagher: Orchestral Music," recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by JoAnn Falletta:

“Fresh and exuberant. The LSO couldn’t sound finer; it’s as if the music had been specifically written to showcase their approach to making sound.”
— Lawrence Vittes, Gramophone

“JACK GALLAGHER composes with assurance for orchestra. Strongly conceived.” (Five stars)
— Anthony Burton, BBC Music Magazine

“Jack Gallagher is a name to remember, and this disc is definitely one to own. (The Symphony) is truly a work of genius. If you buy only one disc of new music this year, I would certainly suggest this as the place to begin.” (Five stars)
– Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

“Challenging stuff, and very impressive indeed. The ending is a riot of colour and energy. Powerful, well written music. A real find!”
—Bob Briggs, Music Web International, U.K.

“A composer of diverse coloristic gifts. Inhabits sound world(s) of . . . vivacity and lyricism . . . poignancy . . . and dark, swirling drama. The London Symphony Orchestra and conductor JoAnn Falletta are first-rate champions of Gallagher's creations. Grade: A."
— Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The sheer variety of orchestral textures . . . is nothing short of amazing. Gallagher's Sinfonietta for strings is a marvel of a work. It is hoped that we can hear more from this composer.”
— Chris Hathaway, KUHF, Houston Public Radio

“Fresh, imaginative, colorful and deftly orchestrated. Exudes engaging lyricism and exciting rhythmic patterns. Unreservedly recommended.”
— Herman Trotter, Buffalo News

“Poignancy, explosive energy, good-natured humor . . . and a warm-hearted directness that is tremendously engaging. Urgently recommended.”
— Ronald E. Grames, Fanfare

“One is entranced by the atmospheric ambiance. Gallagher writes beautiful music and he is very, very good at it. I was thoroughly captivated. My very strongest recommendation.”
— Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

“Exciting orchestral music. You'll be grateful for the on-going mission of conductor JoAnn Falletta. . . to spotlight well-deserving composers and their music.”
— Julie Amacher, Minnesota Public Radio, "New Classical Tracks"

“Very cogently structured in one movement, part of a long and distinguished lineage stretching back through Samuel Barber and Roy Harris to the Seventh Symphony of Sibelius. Gallagher is definitely worth getting to know.”
— David Hurwitz, ClassicsToday.com

"Do you want optimistic exuberance? Go to the Diversions Overture. Poignancy? The liltingly lovely Berceuse. Music does not get much lovelier than this. Vivacity? The Sinfonietta for strings. The Symphony in One Movement: Threnody pretty much has it all. I highly recommend this CD. You will think you have been cheated that you have not heard it before."
— Robert R. Reilly, Crisis Magazine

“Brilliantly orchestrated and impeccably constructed. Not only intellectually stimulating but immediately appealing.”
— Bob McQuiston, National Public Radio, "Deceptive Cadence."

Music that is warm, inventive, melodic and carefully structured. (Exhibits) multi-instrumental virtuosity, featuring a number of very well-conceived scoring touches.” (Four plusses)
— Mark J. Estren, Infodad.com

"All is brilliantly orchestrated and performed here. Exciting work deserving a place on concert programs." (Recording: ****/****; Performance: ****/****)
— Steven A. Kennedy, Cinemusical

"Jack Gallagher's classical piece "Berceuse" is a work of such staggering beauty that it makes me want to be a better person. I cannot believe I had never heard of this music or this man until last week."
— Philip Plait, "The Bad Astronomer"

"Irresistible rhythmic élan and not a little wit, exhilarating in its effect. Powerful and deeply felt."
– Colin Anderson, The Classical Review

Representative acknowledgments and awards are listed below:

•CD "Orchestral Music," Naxos 8.559652, awarded Five Stars by Audiophile Audition

•CD "Orchestral Music" named to 2011 “Want List” by Fanfare Magazine

•CD "Orchestral Music" awarded Five Stars by BBC Music Magazine

•CD "Orchestral Music" named "Choice CD of the Month" by WCLV, 104.9 FM, Cleveland, OH

•CD "Orchestral Music" named "CD of the Week" by KBAQ, 89.5 FM, Phoenix/Tempe, AZ Public Radio

•CD "Orchestral Music" named "New Classical Tracks: Best of 2010" by Minnesota Public Radio

•Producer of 2007 GRAMMY®-Award winning recording, Messiaen: Oiseaux Exotiques, Troppe Notte Cambria TNC-1515

•Composition Fellow, Charles Ives Center for American Music, Piccolo Spoleto, Charleston, SC

•"Exotic Dances" nominated by editor of "American Music" magazine for 1997 Pulitzer Prize in Music

•Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for Composition, 1996 and 1992-93

•Ohio Music Teachers Association Composer of the Year, 1996

•The College of Wooster Henry Luce III Award for Distinguished Scholarship, 2005, l996, 1994, and 1990

•Resdency, Atlantic Center for the Arts (FL), 1994 and 1983

•Eastman Wind Ensemble 40th Anniversary Celebration Selection, 1992

•Honorable Mention, l990 Barlow International Composition Contest, Brigham Young University

•National Arts Associate, Sigma Alpha Iota, l990

•Southern Arts Federation Meet the Composer Grant, l989

•South Carolina Arts Commission grant (for commission for Heritage Chamber Players), l988

•Meet the Composer grant, New York, NY, l988, (for Merrick Symphony Orchestra)

•First Prize, Symposium XII for New Band Music, Old Dominion University, l987

•Composition Fellow, Charles Ives Center for American Music, New Milford, CT, l987

•Composition Fellow, Petit Jean International Art Song Festival (AR), l984

•Residency, the Corporation of Yaddo, l984

•Residency, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, l983

•Meet the Composer grant, New York, NY, 1983 (for Albany Pro Musica Chorus)

Please list discography in which you have participated.

゜waako records-strictly WR 1226 us 1994 (first solo work)
POWER MUSIC cd MUCD-004 1995

゜vicious muzik MUZ103 us 1995 (height 611's first US release!)

゜Raw Oxygen Vol.4: Brutal Fairytales oxygen music works OMWR9521 us 1995

゜vicious muzik 12951 us 1995

height 611 product ep 
゜white label HT611 us 1995

゜Techno Travel 2 apricot records/cd 5319432 fr 1996 ゜omnisunus fr
゜3 Years Of House Explorations apricot records/cd 74321453982 fr 1997

゜vicious muzik 12961 us 1996

゜vicious muzik 12901 us 1996

organ ride
゜ omnisunus Techno Travel 2 cd 531-943-2 fr 1996


゜d-tox comp."nishiazabu electricity" ja

゜front line rec.(discovery comp) ja

゜NITE SYSTEM (HIROSHI WATANABE) Take Back The Underground NM 21016 ja 2003 (lyrics & vocal)

゜princess leia's horny mix
Vicious muzik 12861 US 1995

゜free love -height 611's free-bass mix
Vicious muzik 1298-1 US 1996

゜ohh my... -2bottle+6eleven universal mix
Universal records TAIWAN ASIA

゜it's a collision -2bottle+6eleven floor mix
Swoon records/Thrive records US

゜height611's kundalini rising mix
East West records/cd EW034T UK 1996

゜luv connection-girlz nite out mix
 Elektra records ED5773 cd 660982 US 1995

゜x-beat, this is...
Avex JAPAN AVCD-11831-2

゜oh...see...NY IN FULL FX REMIX & KELLO DUB JA 2009


“NEW MOON CAN DANCE” & “NEW MOON RISING” (beat-less mix)

Please list discography in which you have participated.

Selected Recordings:
“Dead Like Money,” Sea Sick Mama, No Shame Records (2012) [Drums]
“Sweetheart of the Music Hall,” Bryan Dunn, Independent (2012) [Drums, Percussion]
“The Wait EP,” Charlotte Sometimes, Sony (2011) [Drums, Percussion]
“Chris Cubeta & the Liars Club,” Chris Cubeta & the Liars Club, Independent (2011) [Drums on “No Idea”]
“This is Astoria Blvd.,” Astoria Blvd., Independent (2011) [Drums, Percussion]
“The Wild Joys of Living,” Emily Zuzik, Independent (2011) [Drums]
“Take You Out Dancing,” Derek James, Independent (2011) [*Percussion]
“Songs From a Tenement,” Brendan O’Shea, Independent (2010) [Drums on “Who Loves You Now” and “This Town”]
“Bridging the Gap,” Nick Howard, Independent (2009) [Drums, Percussion]
“Save Yourself EP,” Robbie Gil, Independent (2009) [Percussion]
“Steps,” Caleb Hawley, Independent (2009) [*Percussion]
“Sea of Clouds,” Martin Rivas, Independent (2009) [Percussion]
“The Voice Inside,” Fools For April, Independent (2009) [Drums on”Allen St.”]
“Songs From the Bromley House,” Lucius, Independent (2009) [Percussion, Drums on “Shenandoah”]
“The Invention of Everything Else,” Benjamin Wagner, Independent (2008) [Drums, Percussion]
“Monkey Dance,” Soulfarm, Independent (2008) [Drums on “Drunk & Happy]
“S’ac Passé,” Swampadelica, Independent (2008) [Drums on “2nd Place,” “Money Cuts Through Stone,” “S’ac Passé,” “Coffee Cup”]

“Lonesome Guy,” Miller Lite Commercial, Pirate Studios (2011)
“I’d Rather Be With You,” Joshua Radin, Late Night with Conan O’Brien (11/12/2008)

“The Russian Winter,” John Forté: From Brooklyn, to Russia with Love Documentary, Le Castle (2012) [Actor, Drums, Percussion]
“Greenhorn,” DuoTone Audio Group (2012) [Drums, Percussion]

What hobbies have you got?

I spent the last 16 years in communication and when I left my safe 9 to 5 job, I found myself with an abundance of time to pursue a multitude of things... I have my own blog www.findingmyvenus.com, I am producing my first music album, I send a daily quote of the day to a mailing list I developed over the last 10 years, reading, writing and whatever I pretty much feel like!

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

I produce and remix Electronic Dance Music

How did you begin making music? Who introduced you?

I began making music approximately 6 months ago or so, I used to do a lot of Mashup's or Remakes which I continue to do today. It was basically a cut and paste job then and at the moment I'm using FL Studio but I hope to move onto Logic in the next couple of months.

It's a funny story I was actually introduced to Dance Music by my Black Jamaican/UK Step-Uncle at the time who used to DJ with the name Lenny Dee & played with the likes of Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold etc, he used to run all the underground warehouse parties back in the days. I used to be a really big fan of rock music which I think is reflected in my music with the heavy basslines but after I was introduced to Dance music, more so electro music I fell in love.

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

I play a whole range of music, ranging from Dance, Electro & Progressive House, whatever feels right to play at the time & whatever get's the crowd Jumping!

If you could create the ideal school, what would it be like?

Pretty much like the tradicional school environment, but emphasizing on their natural skills or talents (cooking, music, home economics, DYI, dance, theater, sports etc.) as much as on the tradicional academic subjects.

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

Dance Music :)

At what stage in your career did you realise that acting could be something you do professionally?

After a stint living in Germany, at the age of 11 my journey continued in Queensland, Australia. This is where I attended high school, on the Gold Coast to be specific. I remember doing a lot of plays in high school and getting a lot of support from my peers and teachers who kept encouraging me to pursue performing. Telling and researching stories has always been a love of mine - whilst still in school, my sister took me to Elite Models, Agency that signed me. So I started loving working as a Model with photographers and telling a story through a set of still images. Straight out of high school, I enrolled into University of Queensland Journalism school and did some work as a print and photo journalist alongside working in fashion, however I was never too far from the theatre and dance studios and so on the side, I would do performances at the Shonell Theatre in Brisbane. Then I thought, I love it too much and I needed an avenue to express myself more creatively. I started learning and embraced the world of film, theatre, dance, literature...this is when I was told about the prestigious QUT Acting Studio also in Brisbane - I came to see one of their performances "Building The Wall" - I remember it was a musical about The Doors. Blew me away. That year, I auditioned for QUT and through an intense selection and audition process, I successfully made the cut, was selected as one of four girls in our year. Was a pretty memorable experience, attending Australian drama school as we did work very rigorously with performances at the Sydney Theatre Company, Powerhouse, The Loft, Gardens Theatre, etc - this experience taught me craft, discipline, technique and going through a professional Acting Studio tier also gave me a solid foundation, exposure to perfect myself in classical and contemporary works as well as musicals and eventually film. Was fantastic! I did end up graduating with both degrees, a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting).

What other things have you done to make a living?

All about music stuff like creating a dance music events, making music for commercials, learning to compose music for film and video game.

Do you work alone or in a group? If in a group, who are the others you work with?

As a musician it's important to keep all the creativity alive. So i worked alone when i create a dance track as a dj but i have an upcoming project as a electronic band too with my good friends.

What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

Basically i play house music. Nowadays i try to learn a new style like indie dance to expand my knowledge in Electronic Dance Music Industry.

What other things have you done to make a living?

I've been a street musician, a belly dancer, a model, I used to do big stage & roadie jobs for the big concerts and stadiums, waitressing... you name it I've probably done it... paint houses, breathed fire. Yep got paid for all of it at one point or another.

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