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Self esteem

What types of clients do you have? Why do they come to you and what can you offer them?

I have helped many men suffering from sexual dysfunction and low self-esteem when it comes to the opposite sex.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

If somebody has a high self-esteem, I think that is a great thing, because they can use that to hold themselves to a high standard. They will expect to be successful, so they are.

Why is it so difficult for us to forgive ourselves?

Low self esteem and self-efficacy.

Do you keep on trying, even if your feelings are not reciprocated?

No...I have much more self esteem than that.

What is usually the main obstacle your clients face?

Lack of self esteem/confidence.

How has 'having a blog' contributed to your life?

Well, having a blog added in my self esteem. I can confidently answer questions my classmate throw me, good thing I can practice English in my blog.

What types of coaching do you do? Who are your clients?

I recently had a client who had a fear of spiders, even talking about spiders sent her running, when asked why she wanted to remove this life time phobia she said it wasn't for her it was for her children - her children had picked up her phobia of spiders. This is so common with my clients they put up with a phobia, a lack of confidence or low self esteem and only want to change when they see it affecting others. But why put up with a life your unhappy with? Why not make a change early on? You don't need to live an unhappy life you can make a change today! The techniques I use give my clients quick and lasting change, and I love to see the difference one session can make with a client.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

This question made me smile. Self-esteem in excess quantity can be an obstacle but not the worst obstacle for a client to have. Excess self-esteem can be channeled and become a great asset.

What motivates someone to work more efficiently?

There are numerous factors that can motivate someone to work more and better or, on the other way around, can cause a breakdown in efficiency, motivation, self-esteem...

Maybe the main motivator is working for a clear goals, which is congruent with your own aspirations, character, ambitions. If you work for something with which you can identify yourself and which is coherent with your principles, then your efficiency, creativity and results will dramatically improve.

On top of that, a chain of small and big successes helps to reinforce your self-esteem and self confidence, with immediate positive effect on your performances.

As a coach, I intervene on both these levels: I help the coachee to find and build his desired and "aligned" future and to build as well a winning image of himself.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

The excess is always an obstacle, coming from and absence of balance.

As already stated elsewhere in the interview, for me coaching is the "art to facilitate the development of the human potential, in order to reach significant goals". To succeed, it's necessary to make the coachee develop self-esteem and self confidence, balanced with openness to feedbacks and new points of view and with a good level of humility.

How do you define the concept commitment? What importance does it have in the development of a person?

I define commitment as the willingness to take action and personal responsibility for the completion of a goal or task you have set out to do.

Making and keeping commitments develops self-esteem and if you stay committed long enough, a successful home-based business too.

How have your past experiences prepared you for teaching? How did you become interested in education?

    My mother was an elementary school teacher and my older brother has become a secondary school teacher. Both of my parents and my brother pursued post-secondary education at various universities and all of my immediate family also pursued post-graduate studies. Having grown up in a family that valued education I knew that I wanted to attend university but I did not know which profession I would end up in. I continued gaining leadership and facilitation skills at Cairn, a summer camp, outdoor education and retreat centre. My family has always been supportive of me and my academic pursuits but it was not clear to me that I wanted to teach until the end of high school, I did not know that I wanted to teach geography until third year university.

At camp we hosted elementary and secondary school groups, and was home to thousands of children and youth throughout the summer months. It was my responsibility to facilitate activities, lead program areas and create leadership programs. I was enthusiastic and welcoming. I lead get to know you games and made a point of having everyone feel included and safe. I lead camp wide games and programming for smaller groups. I created lesson plans and prepared materials. I lead swimming and first aid courses, where I implemented my lesson plans, and prepared campers for lifesaving exams. I was responsible for integrating campers and adult volunteers with "differing abilities". I adapted camp programming to provide a more inclusive environment where all campers were integrated into activities allowing everyone to be active participants.
Through my leadership roles at camp I learned that being an educator is about creating a safe environment, both physically and emotionally, for students of all ages. I think it is important for educators to promote self-esteem among campers, colleagues, their guardians, and in the community at large. I learned to have an appreciation for the environment and want to demonstrate that through my actions.

I became a teacher because I believe that all people regardless of their background or ability deserve the right to a good quality education, free from bias and stereotypes that promotes inclusion and understanding. With over ten years of experience instructing and facilitating children and youth I believe that I am prepared to meet the rigorous demands of teaching with enthusiasm and persistence. Through my volunteering and professional career I have learned how to use my time efficiently and the importance of being prepared and well organized. I believe that by engaging students through experiential learning I can encourage them to explore their curiosity and provide students with the tools and framework to seek out answers for themselves. I want to provide enthusiastic and creative lessons. I feel that students feed off of encouragement. I believe that children learn by doing, and they want to have fun. I enjoy collaboration, setting a positive tone for the classroom and participating in extracurricular activities. I want to use my knowledge and expertise to foster an excitement about education, and create life-long learners. If it is compulsory for students to attend school their teachers should make it engaging and be passionate about their jobs, letting them have fun in the process.

My experiences working at camp showed me that everybody regardless of their background or abilities deserve mutual respect and equal opportunity. I lead with the philosophy that although the participants might have had physical or cognitive difference they were made to feel as though they were an equal part of the camp community. This has stayed true as a pre-service teacher I just refer to it now as providing differentiated instruction.

What is your specialty as a stylist? fashion, salon, image, objects...?

My speciality is complete makeovers and it is what I enjoy the most. I am a qualified hair stylist and love finding the perfect stlye for someones face. It makes a huge impact on their appearance and self esteem. I am also an image consultant, fashion stylist and designer. What this enables me to do is complete an analysis on someones face and body shape and determine whether the clothes chosen from the makeover are cost effective and compatible with their lifestyle and personality. I can also show the client how to tweak an outfit and give it the designer look by making a few minor adjustments. After the hair and clothes section is finished, I place the client in the reliable and award winning hands of the make up artist. Once this part is complete then they are ready for their photograph to be taken. I am a qualified photographer, so with the consultation of the client, we have a studio session and they are presented with a set of photographs at the end, marking their transformation.

What types of coaching do you do? Who are your clients?

ADHD coaching, Self Esteem, relationship skills, image coaching, career transition, motivation, sales, confidence etc. My clients are people who strive for the best in themselves and in their lives, people who are a little confused and are seeking a new direction, people who would like to strengthen their relationships, people who would like to improve their image and have no idea where to begin. Sometimes a will have a client come in and speak to me about wanting to focus more on their career when in reality it is a smoke screen for frustration in their current relationships!

Is writing a form of personal therapy? Are internal conflicts a creative force?

ABSOLUTELY! Writing is the best way for me to vent my emotions without getting in trouble or arrested for my actions. Internal conflicts, when properly considered and meditated upon make for the best reading. Most people go through cycles during their life and just about everyone can relate to struggling with the human condition. We all hurt, fear, love, hate, get angry, argue, and struggle. Examining emotions and internal conflict and resolving those struggles is something that everyone can appreciate and hopefully use for their own self-esteem, inspiration, and motivation.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

I think that too much of anything can be an obstacle. Too much self esteem can turn into arrogance, or also be a coverup for lack of self esteem.

I think that the Ego is the biggest obstacle to people - and it's a tricky little bugger! It can turn even the most positive feeling actions into ones that feel not-so-good by manipulating limiting beliefs and fears.

What is usually the main obstacle your clients face?

Although each person is unique I would say self-limiting beliefs are often the obstacles in the way. But very often the coachee is not aware of them. Many coachees have low self esteem, little trust in their abilities to excel, or no set boundaries.

Do you participate in competitions? Have you received any awards?

I don't participate in competitions. I mostly kept my work private. If I don't win then, it damages my self esteem, and I feel like my writing is second rate, not good enough, or other negative things. I pretty much avoid them and that is due to my personal struggles as a person. I haven't received any awards yet; my author career has only begun.

If someone consults you, what is your recommendation regarding cosmetic surgery and implants?

It would be better to work on your self-esteem

If someone consults you, what is your recommendation regarding cosmetic surgery and implants?

I would prefer that people search for a higher self esteem instead of these surgeries.

How has 'having a blog' contributed to your life?

It has been my way of venting out my feelings, emotions and help build my self esteem back with positive feedback from other bloggers.

What is your opinion of the rise in popularity of plastic surgery and implants?

A symptom of our lack of confidence, self-esteem and the way we have become enslaved by the advertising we are subjected to in daily doses.

When did you start modeling? What kind of jobs do you usually do?

I started modelling in general when I was fifteen, though at the time I was just happy if someone wanted to work with me at all. Originally, I had very low self-esteem, and modelling was my way to deal with that.

But, go figure, I liked it, so I kept it up.

Today, I tend to do art nudes and fetish, especially when it comes to Latex. Because I'm short (5'4"), most people who do fashion consider me too short; which is good, because, otherwise, I never would have realized how much I like doing things that are completely off the wall creative.

How has 'having a blog' contributed to your life?

It made me believe more in myself and boosted up my self-esteem.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

No, not at all. I don't think an excess of self-esteem is a good thing, but there are far worse obstacles.

How do you define the concept commitment? What importance does it have in the development of a person?

doing what you say and think you will do

Helps to develop self esteem

What qualities would you need to see in someone before advising him/her to go into teaching?

Innate intelligence, humility, self esteem, respect of others, identity resolved, caring, cognitive and sustainably conscious, all confirm an essentially loving person...

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

Self esteem in excess could be arrogance. The same way you asked if dreaming and realism must have a healthy balance, self esteem and over confidence should must be balanced as well.

How do you know if a challenge is the right one for a person?

Every person's challengers that are presented to them on their journey are exactly the right challenges for that person. My job is to coach my client to help her develop the tools to deal with the challenges that she is presented with. Every client has no choice with the challenges presented to her but she does have the choice on how she will handle them. Having the right tools and knowledge to strengthen her self-esteem will in help her to tackle any challenge and learn from the negative by turning it into a positive thus seeing the benefit of that challenge coming along.

What is usually the main obstacle your clients face?

Very low self esteem because of a lack of self love. My clients have not discovered their worthiness, realized their purpose nor have they developed the tools to empower themselves by standing in their power.

Is it necessary at times to reorient a person’s desires and expectations?

Finding balance is the key. Every person's desires and expectations should be a stretch to get them out of their comfort zone. Our expectations in life are directly related to the amount of self esteem we have strengthened. We only expect from ourselves what we feel we deserve. Our desires equate to our dreams and those dreams can reach towards the moon or beyond.
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch
With this said - our expectations should never be so far reached that we will give up before we even try. Baby steps is important in any new endeavor whether it is a desire or an expectation

How does one learn to listen?

Learn to love yourself and believe in yourself then listening comes naturally. If you are secure in who you are then opening your mind and soul to listen to someone else is easy. When we don't listen it is usually because our self esteem is not at a level where we want to hear what someone has to say. We want to be heard at all costs and we don't listen if we want to be heard - we interrupt others just to get what we want to say to be first and foremost. Some people just want to talk to be heard others speak when they have something to say. As I was raised to believe, we have two ears and one mouth. Use your ears to listen twice as much as your mouth for talking, and the world would be a better place all-in-all.

Can you describe briefly the technique or methodology you use?

I have a non-on-one coaching program that contains 10 steps to finding your most perfectly authentic lovable self. The person you were born to be. You learn the importance of putting yourself first; discover your passions;realize that the only thing in life you can change is the life within yourself. You are encouraged to write and practice self love affirmations; learn to journal and why it is a very valuable tool to your self love journey. There are opportunities to get in touch with your spiritual side with meditation and visualization. You will realize your power by learning to set your boundaries and rules and sticking to them. Appreciating your riches and celebrating them on a daily basis is not only fun but so important to strengthening your self esteem.Finally once you love yourself to the best you are entitled to do, you can then enjoy utilizing life';s abundance and will be open to all which is there is for you to attract.

Do you have innate qualities, or is it something that you learned?

Innate qualities is a definite yes. When I reflected back on my life, I realized I have been naturally coaching the whole time. When I see the adults my grown kids have evolved into - full of self esteem and confidence, I realize that my coaching came without much training and they were my first clients.

What types of coaching do you do? Who are your clients?

I am a woman who has been down the path of low self esteem and no self love. I turned it around with hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm. On my way through my self love journey, I finally discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up - A Master Motivator for Women in Transition. I coach women who have finished licking their wounds and want to jump back into the ring of life. They realize it is time to keep moving forward on their self love journey.
These women have felt the deep desire of not wanting to exist anymore. They feel there is no hope and they have lost vision of their purpose to being on their journey.
I have been in their shoes and walked a similar journey as they have ventured from. I know their pain and have felt their frustration and fears. With my own experience in seeking help through a self love coach, I developed a fabulous 10 step program to help women to discover their perfectly authentic lovable selves. I coach them into their own empowerment and help them to build their "House Of The Lovable You."

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

When it is, it's usually cover up for lack of self-esteem... I don't know if it's the worst. It's just one variation amongst many.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

There cannot be an excess of true self esteem. If you mean "ego" instead, yes, this can most certainly be an obstacle. Worst obstacle? It depends. Ego almost always generates fear, so perhaps. As we already know, fear is a HUGE obstacle.

The ego gets in the way because it thinks it knows everything already and it is not open to looking at things differently. This includes our own identity and awareness. The ego has defined who we are, who you are, who the world is, and what everything means, and it has very good reason not to adjust those definitions. When they are challenged, the ego generates a lot of fear because what happens if it doesn't KNOW anything? That could mean absolutely disaster for the Self.

But in terms of true self esteem, that is what keeps us feeling great in the face of obstacles. It is self love, and we need that to keep us strong when we feel alone. To keep us going when it is tempting to give up.

I think it is vitally important to make a distinction between self esteem and ego.

Besides your current profession, what other things would you have liked to have been?

Creator and Owner of my own spa and beauty centre business.
I am in the midst of creating a skin care cream because I look young for my age.
I believe pampering elevates your self esteem!

What is a “healthy” ego?

The capacity to be objective and calm enough about oneself when introspecting to be able to see our own deficits and strengths without becoming withers overly conceited or suffering low self esteem.

Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?

Too much of any one thing can be a problem - when a 'shiny' behaviour becomes 'dull'.

Self - esteem is a difficult concept - self confidence? self belief?

It's a problem when it becomes arrogance and the coachee comes to you (or often is sent) with a desire to change others.....

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