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Please list any exhibitions in which you have participated.

Fass Art Gallery Nude Portraits- 2006
Tuyap Nude Portraits- 2006
Fass Art Gallery- Simulacra and Simulation photography- 2007
Bm Suma Contemporary Art Center- 2008
Fass Art Gallery- Photography works- October 2008
Metafora- December 2008
Untitled Bcn- Dreams and Landscapes,Somewhere in Between- February 2009
Casbah- April 2009
Untitled Bcn- May 2 2009
Punt Multimedia- Des de Fora- May 6 2009
Untitled Bcn- May 9 2009
Listo Metafora- June 29 2009
Rai- June 6 2009
Sakip Sabanci Muzesi-July 30 2009

Upcoming- Gracia Arts Project Nov 1 2009


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