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How do you promote your blog?

I use Twitter and post a Tweet just about every time I post something new. When I do, I include URLs shortened with Bit.Ly that will take them to the specific post I'm referring to. I also do similar whenever I see a Tweet using keywords like 'mantyhose'. I'll respond, if appropriate, with a comment and a suggestion to learn more about 'mantyhose' at The Nylon Gene and include the Bit.Ly URL (http://bit.ly/Yu3c8).

I also use Google News Alerts to find new things related to men's legwear. If appropriate, I comment on the article (or blog post) and suggest those interested in learning more visit The Nylon Gene (www.nylongene.com). Since I am also engaged in writing press releases for distribution to various media outlets, in an effort to promote additional coverage of the men's legwear trend, I include not only links to ActivSkin but to The Nylon Gene as well.

There are links to my blog on the ActivSkin website, as well as most of the major blog sites dealing with men's legwear from an insider's perspective, such as e-MANcipate.net, Legwear As Unisex Fashion forum, etc. An, of course, there's a link to it included in my email signature line, so that anyone I correspond with will see the link. My business cards were made up before I launched the blog, so I had a few sheets of tiny labels made up with the URL and added them to my existing cards.


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