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What has been your professional career path?

At the age of 12 I began educating myself in the evolutionary decades of fashion; checking out books from the public library, researching the greats. Studying the lives of Gabrielle Coco Chanel, Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, and Yoji Yamamoto. Paying close attention to the legendary textiles of Emilio Pucci. His work reminded me of my sketches and way of using pattern blended with color. I stayed current with a subscription to both Elle and Vogue magazine. I made routine trips to the book store, reading about the makeup genius of the late Kevin Aucoin, as well as classic film starlet’s. Surrounding myself with an understanding of the skeleton of the history of fashion.

I began my Freshman year at Gahr High School in Cerritos, California in 1999. Sophomore year I began the schools art program, ATA( Arts Technology Academy). ATA is where I gained all of my Fine Arts roots. By senior year, I had chosen my Senior Focus of Fashion Design. The ATA History instructor arranged a field trip for the Fashion Focus students to the Fashion Design company Poleci. Two weeks before, Poleci sent over a challenge to design a simple T-Top, supplying the swatches and the winning sketch would have their top made! The students got to tour the entire corporate office, from the cutting room floor to the kitchen. The tour ended in the kitchen where the owners of Poleci introduced themselves explaining the history of Poleci and from there they announced the winner of the contest.

I won the contest, my top was chosen and produced. From the kitchen they headed to the Cal-Mart(California Marketplace) to see the showroom and to perform a real merchandiser/buyer transaction using the winning top! The day of high school graduation, I was informed that I was chosen to intern for Poleci immediately that summer. I worked in the design room with the Top Designers, and Assistants. At Poleci I gained great knowledge in fabrics(texture and touch), trend setting as well as forecasting. Collectively my introduction to the business was an amazing stride seeing as though many College level design students don’t intern until senior year or after graduation. During my third semester of college at 19, I would return to Poleci for an entire semester.

That Spring, I began working part-time for a women’s boutique; I would become the manager that following summer. Collectively I directed 3 successful fashion shows for the boutique. While managing the boutique, I learned the business end of Fashion. It was there that I realized some of the major deterrents in garments successfully fitting.

That following Summer I was granted the opportunity to apprentice as a designer for The Crashious Roadside Room. At the Roadside Room, all of the garments were numbered limited editions. I gained a value and appreciation for this concept and would later implement the same value into my own work. Crash(Jeremy Crowley), overseer and owner, taught me great skills; showing me how to truly be inventive, fearless, as well as innovative in my own style. After the Roadside Room I returned to the boutique.

In the Spring of 2007, I began her sophomore studies at the Academy of Arts University and that Fall, during my studies I began to feel as though I had to defend my free-form ideals. Therefore, after much meditation I would abandon my studies at the University. That following week I received an email about a Charity Fashion Expose. I entered, thus beginning my life’s work as a Fashion Artist. This show was a success and the impetus for creating my first collection of Fine Art Fashion.


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