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What trends do you see gaining momentum?

Individuality is one.
The time of pushing the mass in one direction is gone and now it is all about being true to oneself.
I love how people can proudly display their personal collections, handiwork and art without being torn to shreds. Being who you are is gaining a lot of momentum.

Eco friendly and ethical solutions are also continuing to grow, and rightly so. People have grown a conscience and demand that the commercial world delivers.
In context of this there is also a big trend to 'return to basics' and 'nature'. Being Swedish I love and appreciate this - my love for nature and simple things is deep!

A lovely side effect of the eco-friendly approach also gives room for antiques and heirlooms to become popular again. Even with younger segments of the market. Recycling, handing down, second hand, vintage, antiques - they all go together.

Mixing older pieces with new ones is a great way to be eco-focused whilst adding a personal & quirky touch to any given space.
I think this mix-matching of styles will continue to grow and I for one am a huge fan of this way of styling & decorating.

As far as predictions..
I see maps returning in decor, tartan is on its way back, as is over-sized photography, hand-made objects, rattan, industrial-chic, distressed and worn hardware reused in new ways.. There are lots of fun trends to expect..


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