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What advice would give to someone who wants to join the ranks of advertising?

Sell everything you own and start over. Start thinking about every purchase you make and whether it's even necessary. Spend twenty minutes at the store looking at the batteries and try to figure out if there's actually any differences between them. Then write down the part number and try to find it online for the cheapest available price. Also, you'll need about five or six of the right books and plenty of cash for booze and smokes. And get some decent clothes. No client wants to hire an ad man who shops at Urban Outfitters, and if they do, they're a shitty client. I suggest ending your gym membership, too, since you'll never have time to go there again. But don't worry, you'll lose all the weight you need to lose sweating it out to make deadlines. Also, dump your girlfriend because you'll be able to get a smarter, hotter one with her own career and an expense account. That is, if your good. If you're not, I don't really suggest working in advertising. 


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