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What do you think schools will be like in 20 years?

Schools I 20 years i feel will look very different. I don't think you are going to have students writing in notebooks anymore. The way technology is growing on a yearly basis it will be tough to not incorporate equipment such as lap tops and iPad's. I'm assuming that the use of the SmartBoard will be something that is utilized on a daily basis. I also think that we may not see private funding for Catholic schools anymore. I feel that Public schools will get the funding and the Catholic school will be in the private sector. I feel that religion in the class room could potentially hinder students learning in such area as science and literature. I think the media will continue to grow in the class room in regards to current event that student will look at more and more. With the use of technology come the power to allow students the resources to from some very creative opinions of topics like current event and politics. I look forward to seeing how these different technologies take over in the class room. 


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