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What qualities would you need to see in someone before advising him/her to go into teaching?

The base qualities for someone to have to be a teacher would be compassion, a passion to help others, and no sign of prejudice. These are must-haves for a teacher. Without compassion, the person teaching will make the students feel less safe and wanted in their own classroom. A teacher must care for his/her students and make sure the students know this. Teachers must also have a passion to help. If they do not, the students will not get a very good education. The teacher will not care enough to help a struggling student, to differentiate for specific learners, or care enough to create engaging lessons. They will simply teach the easiest way for them. Lastly, a teacher cannot have any prejudice. They cannot instantly dislike a student for a reason such as skin colour, religion, sexual preference, etc. Teachers should be role models, and show students that everyone deserves respect. 


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