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How do you know when a song is finished or needs no more changes?

I usually get tired of playing with a song after 1-2 weeks! I used to work in a record store "Throb" in NYC, and after hearing the same big hit for the week, you don't want to hear it in a club or anywhere else!!!
You want the next new song, or new track!

With my productions, I can listen now to tracks I have released and still feel it could be changed or have ended another way! I can still find mistakes now! I think if I got the idea down, it all comes down to the efx, and mix-down, that can make it or kill the track?! And lots of times you get deadlines, and you rush to finish a song, it turns out being released months later! And while I'm waiting, I listen to that rushed mix and feel it was never really finished correctly, or I missed a sound or something I wanted to cut.

At times my songs could sound "rough and bad sonically" could be cause I will never be satisfied with just one sound, or genre in my track?
Maybe I am still learning to use my equipment and software, which could make me go in a totally different direction, from when I first started the recording?! Or maybe cause my sentences are running on too long?

Maybe it's not time yet? When we made our early Vicious Muzik tracks they were crossing over to other classifications and genres, so many labels were just looking for a house song, no trance like sounds, or no breaks, etc...
France was very open minded in that sense! When we made "Pretty Militia" songs, Japan was just slowly getting into electro? Could not sell it then.

I totally respect all those people who listen to their hearts and don't give in too the mainstream!

But working on your own, I think you will never feel your tracks are finished or complete.


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