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Is it possible to only be friends with someone you are deeply in love with?


it isn't cuz yeah it hurts 

I don't know... For my experience I think is a little hard. That's how I lost my best friend.
But everyone is different, one can do it, others not. It's life.

Why not?Do you have any evidence of the opposite? 

I have very few boyfriends. 

my husband is my best friend. 

I think it is, if you have the ability and don't want to lose them. 

Here I will hark back to my previous relationship, she wanted me to remain in her life as a friend, I however was so deeply in love with her that there was simply no way known that I could have remained in her life as 'just' a friend. I did give it a shot (twice in fact) but the heartache was just too great. Needless to say we are no longer friends lol. 

Love comes in many forums so yes 

not possible,that friendship will not last long. 

This is the dilemma I am in right now. I just cut it off with a guy that I had been friends with for a long time. I asked him not to talk to me anymore.... I said I was angry with him because it was just too hard being around him with the feelings that I was having. I think some people can do this and not have a meltdown but I'm not one of them. 

Yes. Being very strong and thinking about other's person happiness. 

Yes, because falling in love is really meeting on a heart space (person to person, friend to friend, soul to soul), and then feeling into enchantment can be a choice.


not for me:/ 

If you are deeply in love with a friend and you believe that you will only be happy with this person, you should try to create a deeper relationship with him/her. If your feelings aren't reciprocated, I'm sorry to hear, don't let the situation ruin your friendship. Refocus your feelings for him/her on yourself. Love yourself! Your attitude may completely change and that friend may see a new light about you. If not, it's his/her loss and now you can move on. Harboring such deep feelings for someone isn't safe for your emotional and mental health. Get it out in the open because you may be able to progress your friendship to a new level- if not, now you know and now you can move on. 

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