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Is it possible to only be friends with someone you are deeply in love with?

This is the dilemma I am in right now. I just cut it off with a guy that I had been friends with for a long time. I asked him not to talk to me anymore.... I said I was angry with him because it was just too hard being around him with the feelings that I was having. I think some people can do this and not have a meltdown but I'm not one of them. 

Yes. Being very strong and thinking about other's person happiness. 

Yes, because falling in love is really meeting on a heart space (person to person, friend to friend, soul to soul), and then feeling into enchantment can be a choice.


not for me:/ 

If you are deeply in love with a friend and you believe that you will only be happy with this person, you should try to create a deeper relationship with him/her. If your feelings aren't reciprocated, I'm sorry to hear, don't let the situation ruin your friendship. Refocus your feelings for him/her on yourself. Love yourself! Your attitude may completely change and that friend may see a new light about you. If not, it's his/her loss and now you can move on. Harboring such deep feelings for someone isn't safe for your emotional and mental health. Get it out in the open because you may be able to progress your friendship to a new level- if not, now you know and now you can move on. 

Only if to be is used to describe a truism, not a state. 

i dont think so. sometimes you feel miserable in that kind of position 

Honestly, no. To be only friends with someone you're madly in love with is stupid. It hurts and it makes no sense on just loving and not saying anything about it. It's stupid because people try to prove to themselves that they can do it, but end up breaking their hearts.

Now, I'm not calling the people who do this stupid. What I'm saying is STAND UP FOR WHO YOU LOVE. Tell them. They'll appreciate it so much more, and possibly, a miracle might happen.

absolutely not, , 

Well it's possible if the person is with another person because it is your job as a friend to respect their decisions and rights to be with someone else. However, it is a very painful situation to live with due to your obvious strong feelings for that person. If the person is single that your in love with then allow them to decide if they wanna go further, If not then you decide if you want to remain friends with them or not. 

Yes of course. But you have know the consequences. If He/She is not committed to someone, well it's possible. But if He/She is committed to someone else, it's hella impossible! Dude. Respect is a must. 

yes.. in time,you can accept it by means of your friendship but in time of process. 

yes it is possible so that you will suffer a little 

Physically, yes. Emotionally, you are only fooling yourself if you say yes. If love is truly one-sided, you are prolonging the inevitable. Quit wasting your time thinking that if you hang around long enough, things will change. You know that is what you are doing. Instead, focus on yourself and doing what makes you happy. To hang on endlessly to someone who will never reciprocate your feelings is to not be in control of your own emotions, well being and life for that matter. Kick the dust from your feet and move on! 

Not for me - it breaks your heart. 

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