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Do you keep on trying, even if your feelings are not reciprocated?

When I know that the person is worth the effort of course I will continue to try. 

Until i collapse 

Yes, in a Real Relationship sometimes our feelings can fade away but inside ourselves we know we love that person. Sometimes when we are mad or upset, those love feelings might disappear the come back afterwards. Never end a Relationship based on feelings but if it hurts to be that person and they are making you unhappy always nonstop, then for your own heath sake leave that person.

Relationships is an two person project. if everyone isn't doing their part, the relationship will fail.

Not so much "trying" but I don't give up. 

Only if I haven't used all of the fertilizer. 

If you are smart the answer is a definite NO!

Sadly I am not quite that smart, having recently come out of exactly that situation. I was in love with a woman who did not have the same feelings towards me. The end result, heartache, tears and the loss of a friend and a lover. She simply just walked away without a care or concern.

all we can do is be true to our own character and return values. So uf a person loves someone Then love them fully and wholly

If a person is upset because they aren't being validated for the emotion, chances are they haven't figured out what it means to truly love


Never! Give it up I say; and also the old words that are so true "he/she is just not into you!!!" 

For girls: No... do not keep trying. This will only push him further away. It hurts, but just move on. If he wants you bad enough, he should be the one to come after you.

For guys: I say keep going for it. I've heard of many guys that have won the heart of a girl simply by serving her constantly and showering her with sweet tokens of affection. On the other hand, depending on some examples, this could get a little creepy. But if you two are already friends... this might just be the thing to win her heart.

Sometimes, but I try to forget if I have unrequited feelings. 

Pushed big time for someone's heart based identity to go beyond their need for an ego feed. 

No, never! Why waste my time, or theirs? Obviously they aren't the one for you- that sucks, it hurts but someone else out there is the right one, so perk up and look forward to meeting them. 

i do:) 

You just have to know when to stop. Maybe you can salvage a friendship from the relationship, but it's not worth anymore of your effort to keep pushing and pushing for more. 

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