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What hardware and software do you use that you deem as indispensable?

Form*z, Photoshop, ArchiCAD 

AutoCAD LT for our 2-dimensional drafting and either Rhino or Form-Z for 3-dimensional work. For graphics Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. For media Adobe Premiere. 

color pencil. 

Number 2 Ticonderoga pencil. 

Sketch Pencil, Paper, Computer, Drawing Software, Internet 

Hardware: mouse
Software: ArchiCad

Mac Pro and Datacadd. 


Autocad, Rhino, NDM, Photoshop, Indesign 

AutoCAD Architecture and SketchUp. 


DATACad, Sketchup 

My Brain! Then my Dog, then KUSC Radio, then my Sketch Marker, then the view to my Garden, then maybe my Mac! 

Autocad (straight out of the box), Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and OpenOffice. Google Earth is pretty important, if I can't get to a city's GIS website for a satellite photo. 

Anything, that can be used to convey an idea. This includes a lot of foam, pencils, cement and our imagination. 

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