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What are the things you least like about your job?

Not enough time to keep going. 

Clerical, repetitive work and an uncommunicative supervisor. 

Having to sit all day, all night...
(I used to be a physical adrenaline freak)

indecisive people. people who want to always jew you down on your prices 

Well it is not always a very well respected career path. 

People asking for free consultation. 

When at work as Sale Suppot, the only thing I dislike is that working with computer all the day. thus sometimes rather stressful. 

Being led by people who sometimes don't know what they're doing. 

I dislike the waiting time for dates of my show (Braun Skye's DONT BLINK). 

I think this is true of managers in Australia more generally but the thing I have least liked about my jobs is the intellectual laziness. Too many managers rely on "I have been doing this job for twenty years" type statements to justify actions that really have no other justification. I have also found that when many people describe themselves as innovators, the extent of their innovation is in re-arranging their prejudices. 

Dealing with Govt authorities. That really is a pain and would love to avoid it as much as possible. 

There's never enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do 

My current job?I feel I can't really improve my basic interest 

Rain is a sweeps nemesis.
Trying to keep cloths and sweeping equipment dry when it has to be carried some distance is an absolute nightmare.

How education is dedicated to the future, yet wherever you go it is - institutionally - the least able to change for the future. 

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