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Does photography have the recognition that it should have in contemporary art museums?

I would say so, yes. Photography can create a piece just as stunning as a paintbrush (or any other media) has. 

Only to an elite few. Lesser known and worthy photographers are every bit as worthy as those artists of other media. 

No, absolutely not. 

I think so. Good art photography is always pushing boundaries of subject and technique. I think contemporary art museums recognize it as an essential part of their collections. 

yes.its getting better...I saw a photography exhibition on "the Worker" at the Getty that was awesome. All B+W old photos. 


No, because there is still a stigma of "its just a photograph"...yes...sometimes it is, but sometimes it much much more. 

Probably not as much as it should, but it isn't badly shown. I would like to see more. 

No. I'm not sure people have been groomed to see photography as an art form. It was very controversial in the beginning (19th century/early 20th) whether photography was art or purely scientific. There was quite a fight over it.

Now, with mass media and the inundation of images we face daily. A brain has to sort out so much visual information that an artistic photograph just becomes another thing to be sorted. It's unfortunate, but true.

It's why I began taking blurry/bokeh photographs on purpose. I was tired of sharp images that I could easily dismiss. I wanted to see beyond what was obvious. To me they are meaningful, but I'm sure some people just think they are junk.

Photography is an incredibly valuable art form.

I think so. 

It's getting better I think. There is some way to go, but we'll get there, I have no doubt. 


I think photography in general does not have the same admiration or respect that it once did. I would think we could probably pin that on digital image manipulation artists trying to pass off their work as photographs. 

That's a deep question. I would have to research this to give an apprpriate answer. 

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