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Would you relenquish some of your income in exchange for more free time?

Probably not. Since I love what I do, I'm not looking to escape it. 

YES! There are a lot of times where I'm at work wishing I was at home or somewhere that I could sit and write more on my books. There are days when I get home from work and I'm too tired of being bored that I don't have the energy to do as much writing as I'd like to do.
This may sound a little nuts, but my job drains me. If I could get paid to write my books, then that would be a dream come true! Besides, money isn't all that important to me. As long as I can pay my bills and life comfortably, that's all I care about.

I get plenty of free time! Since I work from home, I set my own hours, and I don't feel overworked at all. 

I love what I do. I wake and cannot wait to check my rankings for my clients as well as myself. So, I would say no. 


What is free time? I am doing what I want all the time. 

No. My occupation is often stressful and exhausting, but the rewards outweigh the fatigue. The job pays very little money, but my pension supplements that. 

yes. I need to work on my music 

may be 

I strike a balance between both. 

It is a constant trade-off we all make throughout the year; striking a balance between the desire for free time and staying fully booked with business. 


Probably not. 

Can be a tricky question, but I never asked this to myself. Everybody needs some more time for himself, and everybody needs money. So I leave that up to you, I wasn't in any of these situations :))) 


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