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How does one develop the instinct of knowing when to press the shutter release button?

knowing your subject matter helps a bit here! 

Hmmm. Not so sure, it's just there, I think. I think you can get more comfortable working in certain situations and with people, but I think that instinct is what make us pros and other not. 

I think by analizing the final result with the pro. When you do it 10,000 times...you will learn. 

By missing A LOT of good shots and repeatedly kicking oneself in the arse for it. 

That too is an internal gift that happens after years of shooting, making mistakes and studying the mistakes with a positive outlook. 

I have no idea - I have been doing that since I was 6. 

Live your work. In quiet moments, practice the art of both hesitation and instinctual work without thought. Pay close attention to your results, so things will come naturally to you in the busier moments. 

practice practice practice. 

The instinct of knowing when to press the shutter button can no more be learned then the instinct of breathing, it is a behavior that comes from the most primative part of the brain. It is like the survival instinct, you don't think about it, it happens. It happens when you feel the energy. It happens when you see something that stimulates your primordial reaction to your environment. It is the emotion of the moment and the anticipation of what is going to happen that triggers the shutter finger to capture the moment. The mind instinctively knows what is going to happen. If you wait to see what happened you've missed the moment. In reality, the shutter blocks the mind from viewing the image and the photographer only really sees what he/she shot when the image is "developed". What ever it is that you are driven to photograph will be captured by instinct. 

Practice, practice, practice. 

Watching. Mary Ellen Mark does it best when going in for two-three weeks just to watch before bringing a camera. 

I think it just comes form shooting a lot. You just know when to do it . If its a timely think like a street scene then for sure there is a bit of luck and intuitiveness that seem to come into play. Like a good athlete I think you need to get in the zone. I think once you are in this zone things just happen naturally , often one does not have time to think about it. 

I have been accused of having the camera stuck to my face as I seem to capture life as it is. I think it is a natural instinct and not something to be taught. 

Repetition and practice. 

It either comes natural or through spending a lot of time behind the viewfinder kicking yourself for missing the shot you should have got. 

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