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Are you a good salesperson of your work? In what should you improve?

i dont sell it yet, soon i am a good salesmen i would say i need to learn how much i profit from 

No I don't therefre I have never sold a picture yet. 

I have yet to sell anything, so I would say no. I would love to be able to use my photography for income, but I am still working out exactly how to best do that. 

I would like to be less humble, less laid back and more aggressive in gathering clients. 

Absolutely not. I can always see any fault or short coming, even if its not really there. I love everybody else's work and think its all beautiful. I should improve by not being so critical of my own stuff...it really is good 

Almost everybody who likes my camera from a distance, wants to buy it after i tell them about it and let them use it. 

Can I Do A Good Deal For You !!

A niche photographer is always struggling OR succeeding.

Yes! See my storytelling blog! 

This is an area where I think I could improve greatly. I am often self-promoting my work, but maybe not to the right people in the industry. 

I believe I am doing just fine. :) 

well not really because I'm feeling shy to show my work to other people, but anyway I will try to show my works for appreciation of others more so I can get more constructive criticism that can make me a better photographer. 

My current and new clients LOVE me and I love them back. Great work is taken for granted and we always eat a great lunch. I wish I knew what to do better... 

Oh dear. No, I'm not. Nowhere where I really need to be. I'm just about at a place where I've been able to conquer my own insecurities and fears and really engage clients as people and as partners in the work process. Just doing that has proven to be really rewarding both financially and personally. Marketing and sales remain a weak point that I'm determined to address and improve on, 

I really need an agent! 

once i get customer contact, yes. i need to acquire more leads 

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