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Have you ever thought of giving up on the profession? If yes, when and why?

Haha yes almost every day because it's a ridiculous profession! 

Ummm...never..its always been my goal! I never give up! 

I've really just started the professional stage of the career, so no. 

no, never. 

I used to think I was kidding myself and would get discouraged. I have realized how much I enjoy it and will not let fear make me stop doing it. 

Of course, I have, but then I snapped out of it. It is a hard field. It can be a lonely field. But it is a great field. Now where else, other than writing can we as a team make people laugh or cry - escape from their life a little while. Laughter, what a gift to give someone whose life is falling apart, even if it is for a few moments. Or tears, of sadness or joy for someone other than themselves. No where else can that be done. No, I will never quit this business. 

I suppose I did give up when my daughters were younger, only taking on the odd parade or local events. Trying out my trade as a welder and sculptor. I kept my voice sharpened by succumbing to bedtime stories for them because they loved Harry Potter, and I had heard and seen them watch it so many times that I picked up all the voices and even had to guess the newer ones. I read each book twice to them, except for the last. Can't give it up because it's a part of my Artistic Practice which is also for Health. 

I think everyone gets a bit down in the dumps or has a run of bad luck, but I don't think I personally could give up completely. Each time I've thought my luck was out and said enough is enough, something more exciting has cropped up when I least expect it.

I'm happy to work at a day job and take roles in charitable or amateur productions to "keep a hand in", as they say, when I feel the role or production will have artistic merits. It often pays off in the longer term, as you make new contacts and find out about new opportunities to train or productions on the horizon that you wouldn't otherwise have found out about.

Yes most of the time its hard but the results are so awarding. but theres nothing Id rather do. 

No. They will put "died trying" on my Actor's Equity tombstone. 


I never give, I just grab the breaks that happen & if they don't, they don't. Not the end of the world really. 

I have done; at moments when dealing with bad experiences. There are many great, humble and 'normal' people in this business; but there's also those who think they are better than everyone else, and that only a certain level of person can communicate with them etc. I don't buy into that and never will. People obviosuly deserve respect for their talent, longevity, success and experience etc; but they are also just people- some people forget that. I'm the type of person who would call the Queen by her name Elizabeth; and i'm not going to change from being that type of person (unless i'm beheaded). 

A difficult question - I did a three year drama course at seventeen and then, due to a family situation, I went to university and into industry for twenty odd years. Then I went back to acting after taking early retirement. All that time I still loved acting. No, I'd never willingly give it up. 

I have not - I made a decision quite late to make a professional go of acting and now that I have finally done that I am not going to give it up that quickly. 

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