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Which director would you like to read this interview? What type of role would you like for him/her to offer you?

Jim Sheridan. I once lived beside Jim for many years and remember having tea in his kitchen with Terry George there and Jim's lovely wife Fran. I only once got the courage to ask Jim for an audition and that was when Jim was producing "Some Mother's Son" which Terry George was directing. So Jim said "no problem" but during the audition, I was at the time so hung up on method acting that when the script told the character I was auditioning for to light up a cigarette, I could find none but I saw a lighter on the floor, so I rolled up a page from the script and light it up there and then to the horror of Terry George as the place nearly went up in fire. Needless to say I didn't get the role but Terry went on to make some fine films since. I just love the way Jim works and how he gets the best from the actor and also isn't afraid to use up film stock to get that amazing performances we have seen in his films. 

Director: Bryan Singer
Be one of the X-men

Mr. McKenzie from the Peter McDougall days, if he is still working. 

Jim Sheridan, are you reading this? [laughing out loud]. I'd like a character that really goes on an emotional journey- good 'acting with eyes' material. A strong female. 

I am not sure - I suppose people like Michael Grandage, Kevin Spacey, Marianne Elliott, Rupert Goold and Steve Spielberg would be among directors I would love to work with - however this is only the tip of a very big iceberg - any director is worth working with because they are all people you can learn from and develop as an actor 

It would have to be
either Ethan & Joel Coen
or Judd Apatow.

or anyone else who is interested in a comedic actor.

I would love the Artistic Director of the Scottish National Theatre Company to read this - I would love to work for my national theatre company in my home country. 

Ooh Gregory Doran, if you are reading this, please cast me as Isabella in Measure for Measure. Thank you! 

Danny Boyle would be great to work with; his films are very gritty and real - parts you could realy 'get your teeth into' 

Patrick Marber. Robert in Betrayal by Harold Pinter 

Any US classical theatre director, anywhere in America (I'd just love to work there on stage, never have); Michael Boyd, the Royal Shakespeare Company; all the National theatre directors in London. Something tough, demanding, classical (even if modern) and exhausting. 

I Love Fantasy movies, King Kong, Lord of the Rings, so perhaps perter jackson.

I also am a huge fan of historical movies. I've told I have a very old fashioned face and I do suit roles that are of the 1930s, 40s. I also love movies like Gladiator and King Arthur. So directors like Gillian Armstrong, Antoine Fuqua, Robert Zemeckis, Gore Verbinski, Jean Paul salome and Ridely Scott would be great. I also love every movie Clint Eastwood has directed. I think he's a genius.

I suppose if I could have any directors see this then I'd like it to be one of the following:

Shane Meadows
Alfonso Cuaron
Christopher Nolan
Or the Cohen Brothers

And if there was a role - then I'm still waiting to play Peter Sutcliffe if anyone decides to make the movie.

Dominic Dromgoole. Willie Loman, but on other evidence than this. 

Kevin Spacey. A well written, interesting part in a well written, interesting play. 

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