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What was your first job in the field?

In 2000 I began my love affair with interactive media moderating Yahoo! chat rooms, and playing on ICQ. It wasn't long after that I built my first HTML site from scratch. 

junior web designer 

A student trainee, as my career path proved inductive.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFUli7Ne4o4 Slide Show

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Logo and website for the IT company I was working for (1999) 

Web 2.0 tools in ESL/EFL (project leader) 

A simple website.. 

My first professional game development job was at the 3DO Company on their early internet game, Meridian 59. I worked there from 1998-2000. 

The first version of what I do now was part of our marketing strategy for Gerry Robert. Gerry had spent the last 25 years traveling and speaking all over the world. But he'd lost contact with all those people who had been to his events. In a matter of months I was able to build him a tribe of raving fans online of well above 6,000 members and growing. 

My first job was in a company called Canalip devoted to SEO and SEM. I worked like account manager. 

The soccer blog 

Andreas Sundgren, Head of the Microproject started out as one of the founders and CEO of Toontrack Music. www.toontrack.com 

I was an SEO consultant for the largest small business website design & marketing firm in the United States. 

Jonathan Goodman, the owner of Halyard Consulting, started off working for MicroWarehouse. He helped build their first e-commerce website even before the dot.com era. 

I started after university at a dutch plant of Lays at the planning office, optimizing the weekly production schedule based on demand forecasts. 

We all worked as housing and business broker in different countries in the world. 

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