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What is your specialty in the interactive world?

My specialty is building communities through social media. 

We increase revenue for businesses by increasing visitors to a companies website. 

Tourism marketing 

Marketing Plans / Strategyes based on REAL Results. Ie: Traffic and Conversions 

Layouts for sites, html/css. On-site basic SEO. 

We're a full service agency who specialise in creative, technical and strategic work. We produce games, campaigns, online apps and websites for a lot of different clients. 

I teach you how to turn what you love into a successful online business even if you don't have good internet and/or computer skills. I create customized wordpress sites for blogging or use as you main online hub. I set up and manage social media profiles and pages. I offer one-on-one training for social media, wordpress and internet marketing. My expertise as a virtual assistant have expanded into becoming a social media and wordpress consultant. 

I am Domainer, Domain Trader. Have plenty of domain names for sale. 

I define strategy for and design intranet tools which support better knowledge management by connecting people 

digital marketing 

I create Highlights of tennis matches from WTA (Women's Tennis Association) and upload them to YouTube, usually in their best possible video quality such as HD (720p and 1080p). 


For more than a decade, Sitemorse has offered its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to deliver your organisation's Digital Governance requirements.

Our range of services provide strategic and tactical solutions underpinning Web Governance, Risk and Compliance. With hundreds of client organisations and thousands of users, we protect millions of pounds of investment, ensuring brand protection and minimising risk.

As an authority on strategic online marketing and an expert in social media innovation in the UK and worldwide, I help my clients achieve more online exposure for their brands and their products and help them generate more sales from their websites.

Some of my current clients include www.worldhotels.com, etc.
In addition to founding LeadGenerators, a specialist online marketing agency based in London, he is also a passionate educator and speaker on topics relating to the principles of online marketing, social media concepts, SEO tactics and site conversion strategies. Over the past 15 years he has created and managed successful online marketing strategies, search programmes and social media campaigns for many of the UK’s well known brands.

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