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Which websites or forums for programmers do you frequently visit?

msdn, experts-exchange.com, codeplex, codeproject.com, stackoverflow.com, more... 



I don't do that regularly. I usually end up in StackOverflow when I have unanswered questions. 

Stackoverflow, reddit, slashdot 

Oh huge list here.. but my top three are:

Hacker News - http://news.ycombinator.com
This site is how I stay on top of the coding world. The community is second to none, and the content is always, bar none, very interesting.

c2 Wiki - http://c2.com/cgi/wiki
Every programmer should have this site bookmarked and its contents frequently viewed.

Stack Overflow - http://stackoverflow.com
If you have a question on programming, it's either already been answered here, or will be answered if you ask.

php.net, w3schools.com, smashingmagazine.com, css-tricks.com, net.tutsplus.com 




StackOverflow.com usually. 

Hackernews and various blogs, feeds. 

I subscribe to a few mailing lists, but mainly I google. 

Mostly just stackoverflow.com 

I like to help answer questions on the Adobe community forums. 

stack overflow is a very useful resource, linuxforums for my Linux issues. The register because, well, you have to. Other than that I causally read a large number of tech sites and pay little attention to what they are called (techRadar I think is one, wired maybe (that might not be tech stuff)). I'm a big fan of ashlee vance, I've tried to follow him since his register days. I often catch stuff on Feeding edge, which is run by an ex-IBMer. 

No regular habit. 

Stack overflow, techmeme, Reddit 

It use to be XNA-UK UG, but as we have had to close it, none now really.. :( 


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