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As machines for development, what opinion do Macs deserve?

usable, but not perfect. I prefer Windows I think. More tools available. 

I've never been a Mac fan and I don't think I'll ever be. As for development purposes, they should get the same opportunities a Windows system gets but I don't think they should expect someone like Microsoft to build stuff for Mac. If you want to use Visual Studio, buy a PC, don't buy a Mac and then run off and complain to people that you have to use some other development environment (which people often will do).

Mac has Garage Band which, from what I hear, is amazingly better than any PC app for that price, same with most video software. There are people complaining PC/Mac doesn't have something when, in reality, there's no reason they should have to share software at all (look at console-exclusive video games).

absolutely none...

nuff said

They're competition. I've used macs a couple times. I've been told that they are better with graphics than windows, but windows has a better file allocation system. Recently, I believe that both have been upgrading what they previously lacked, thus making them similar. I like what Linux has to offer, so they're in the running too. 

good machine but expensive 

I don't care for Macs. 

I jhave no real experience with Macs, though I know very well many people who use em. I can tell you here and now, their mouse is broken ;-) For image / graphics based software I believe they are supreme. 

Mac is a great machine.. 

It is for under Macs specalize person. 

Macs are too expensive, I can buy a PC with two times performance with the same money of a Mac, and Apple is a company that likes closed development of its own, so I never thought of using Macs. 

Macs are great systems, they're just more expensive than a PC. Development does not need a wiz-bang machine, a PC will do just as readily (these days). 

They are a lot overrated, Macs have great hardware but I have one or two problems with the software, I use mainly Linux, but still I rater use OS X than Windows. 


Hehe, they don't deserve an opinion at all. 


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