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How often do you clean dirt-buildup on your keyboard?

Every 3 months or so. Macbooks appear very clean most of the time. 


Ugh. Daily, almost. I tend to eat at my desk = crumbs. 


I frequently brush dust and hairs away as I use the keyboard but once every two months, or so, I'll do a more thorough clean. 

not often enough. 

Dirt adds character(s) :-)

Alcohol and a cloth.

Now and then. 

It's basicly burning all day, how should dirt buildup there? 

Um... What's that? 

Every week I think..(?) 

Not often to be honest. When i found out i pressed a key and it didn't work well! 

When I can't stand it anymore :)) Usually once a few years. 

Is my cache-dir similar to keyboards? If so, daily. 

I clean it whenever necessary usually two to three days. 

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