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How do you calculate the budget for a software project?

I don't I'm no project manager. 

I estimate the time at first, and then times my hourly rate to get the budget for me to survive.

And then adjust the budget based on my bottom line based on the client, competition and market demand.

I use two criteria:
1- How much the product will be sold in the market
2- How much effort and time does it take

best on the softwares projects. 

I am not into it 

Try to break the project down into modules and pieces of each module (database, front end, back end) and the estimate time for each 

Not my department. 

level of the difficulty and period 

Working for the government sometimes has its advantages. 

Not yet had the opportunity to do it, but it would go around :
1 - Complexity of the project.
2 - Number of devs.
3 - Equipment.
4 - To be continued

1. Man hours
2. Software Sizing
3. Dana ajeb2 he he he

The budget is based on the number of programmers that will work on the project considering what each on them earns per day or per month. We then take implementation and deployment cost into consideration. 

Count the number of hours a project is likely to take and multiply by $50.
An e-commerce Website takes about a month to put together. That's 4X40=160 hours, so about $8,000.

I like this work. 

If that question has to be asked then I do not take that project on. 

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