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How do you calculate the budget for a software project?

1. Man hours
2. Software Sizing
3. Dana ajeb2 he he he

The budget is based on the number of programmers that will work on the project considering what each on them earns per day or per month. We then take implementation and deployment cost into consideration. 

Count the number of hours a project is likely to take and multiply by $50.
An e-commerce Website takes about a month to put together. That's 4X40=160 hours, so about $8,000.

I like this work. 

If that question has to be asked then I do not take that project on. 

I don't. It's the managers' jobs to write fantasy novels. ;) 

i am a developer... anyway with respect to man power and time 

Based on my experience, I calculate the time I need, I add a 50% of this time for testing and another 10% additionally for unexpected things. The same applies to budgets regarding a team and so on.

Regarding projects for a client, if there is a lack of requirements I add a total 100% for the high risk this project runs for failure. Then the calculated time is multiplied by the man-hour rate.

Estimated hours and value of work. 

depends on the quality and purpose that software serves... 

See the project as a whole, estimate time, add more time, check what I will need, what problems may arise... add more time. Try to balance all with what the customer expects and trying to be realist... if its a 30 days work and I need to do it in 15 and the customer can't affor to pay twice... then I will loose, he/she will loose and we will feel unhappy. 

With great difficulty.

Quote = Hours spent working + phone bills,electricity,food.

when i came a project manager i'll , now it's them work 

Usinf the SDLC methodology. 

LOL, If anyone has a foolproof way of doing this email me! 

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