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How do you calculate the budget for a software project?

first I think about how long the project will take, then I brainstorm extra features to make the project even better. I estimate the total time. Estimate out how much can be done without buying new software, then I think about how difficult each piece will be, and to an estimate based off of all of that info. 

I calculate the number of hours that will be required to build it. Then provide that as an estimate to the client for hourly work. Or if it is being fixed-bid, I will double the number and provide the quote. 

I'm not in that business, but I have some idea how it's done, and I must admit I disagree with it. By definition it's pretty much impossible to budget something that's never been done before - you can only rely on past experience to estimate that feature X is a lot like feature Y we did before and it took this long.

When I do my own time estimates, I try to stick to that - look at something I've done before, and even if I really think the feature will take a week, and the previous feature took 2 months, I'll stick with the 2 month estimate. Then dig my heels in when asked to reduce the estimate...

Function points is one way of calculating the programming complexity and effort required. a dollar/rupee amount could be derived from that. there will also be several other things to consider, of course, not the least of them being the project's deadline. 

There are various cost estimation models I learnt in the course named "Software Engineering" back at College. Don't remember anything now since I took that course in 2004 

I have not done it yet. 


No experience. 

I never calculated budget for a software.
but i think i t depends on prject itself how much sophisticated it is and also size of project and implementations matters .

I haven't actually dealt with such a problem yet. If I need to judge the budget for a software product, I would consider the following metrics:

* Total number of modules (atomic) components.
* Number of critical sections in the code.
* source lines of code.
* Total number of classes and degree of relationship among them.
* nature of the problem solved by the software product

How much time it takes for me to develop. 

This is something you should ask the high level managers and marketers. I am only asked to estimate the man hours it takes to complete a project, if it's anything like the stuff I learned in school than it involves multiplying my estimate with some magic numbers. 

from the revenue model. budget should not exceeed the expected revenue 

it takes many factors and effort is the prime among them. I my idle time i write articles in http://rahamatullah.blogspot.com 

We'll it depends on the labor of the software or web project I had 

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