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What has been your experience in marketing your software?

i feel various when i met with customer. 

I'm still learning the way how to market.

My current guess is that I need to write some software that really useful to some people in the world, and which has some advantage to the competitors, otherwise no one will use it and not to say pay for it.

Business is to make others happy no matter whether you are happy about it, this is what I learned from my past failure in business.

I don't market my software, I market me. My card reads, "Scripting Guy" but I'm at a loss as to define that any further to most people. I think it might be like making Meccano work with Lego or turning a fašade into a real house. 

You need to know the objectives of the software even before development. Determine your customers, that makes it easier to sell and market your software. 

Not much, my software is pretty much Open Source, and I don't really have a product that needs to have a marketing campaign. 

I'm pretty much limited to word-of-mouth and posting on related forums for now. You can imagine how slow this seems at times, but people are slowly hearing about my software. A while back I added one of my programs to Softpedia, but since then they haven't let me update it to the newer version, so my most public showing is also outdated, and in my opinion inadequate. 

Contract is very very important. Never program or develop a solution without clear agreement and clear scope of work. 

Is only time will till. 

I have never marketed anything 

Have not been much on the marketing side, just the development side. 


just free 

Marketing is tough. Sometimes it takes a long time to get users to even try out your free software. 

My clients always seem to be happy. ;) 


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