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Do you have a website or blog? How was the process in making it? Does it accomplish the purpose for which it was created?

I created a public blog. This took alot of time and effort, but it was worth it for the results. 

yes www.safariwildz.com and safariwildz@blogspot.com 

This is my Blog, I try to keep people informed on the happenings of Waterford Crystal and help them identify the genuine product

Yes, I have. My blog was meant to be the expression of my alter-ego and it worked just fine. I found myself through my own writing. 

Hello and Welcome to UK Ghost Nights!! www.UKGhostnights.com
The Home of Ghost Hunting in the UK!
Have you watched ghost hunts on television and wished you were there?

Ever seen a ghost or experienced something you can't explain?

Feel you have a special psychic gift and want to put it to the test?

Or just interested in the Paranormal?

Our Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Events are the answer!

Join us as we conduct Paranormal Investigations in some of the country's most haunted locations. Come ghost hunting in haunted pubs, haunted castles, haunted caves, haunted buildings and haunted houses!

Join the UK Ghost Nights team as, with our Spiritual Medium, we delve into the mysteries behind these hauntings, try to contact spirit and look for answers to the many questions these hauntings throw up.




visit our site www.UKGhostnights.com

Yes. The blog is called Comfort Zone Killer. You can get to it here: http://faridaamar.tumblr.com. The process was simple and fast. The reason I do it is mainly to keep track of all the stuff I see everyday online that I don't want to forget...and sometimes someone else finds that interesting too. ;-) 

Creating, merchandising and marketing the website www.dandtpetsupply.com has been a challenge to say the least. While the industry is not new to me at all, the medium is. I am just getting used to the on-line retailer experience. It is amazingly different! 

yes, have already given the details.

It was quite easy to make it and toa certain extent succeeded in accomplishing the purpose.

I have numerous websites an blogs - try to keep as up to date as possible. Easy processs and yes they accomplish what I want - could do better

Yes, wadiarso.blogspot.com. Just a mean to share what comes to my mind, English material. I don't really know how many people visit it, but I post this blog in my facebook with the hope of being visited and (if) the visitors need some exercise, they can simply copy it for free. 

www.tarkachimneysweeps.co.uk www.umberleigh-northdevon.co.uk

www.croydedevon.co.uk www.devonholiday-countryside.co.uk

www.chimneysweepnorthdevon.co.uk and
are the main websites for our chimney sweeping jobs.
My wife,June, has created these and maintains them on a regular basis.
Hopefully most aspects are covered although there is still work in progress.
Feedback from our clients indicates the site is well presented and informative and they appear to like it a lot.

Website: http://www.CuttingEdgeInnertainment.com

Blog: http://www.danmeyer.org

To make money online, try http://nomadsguidetomakemoneyonline.com - the best MMO e-book I have ever read. I am not exaggerating; it really is phenomenal! 

We have a website for Magento Made Easy. http://www.MagentoMadeEasy.com
The website, along with a strong Marketing Campaign including email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing serves its purpose of reaching out to our audience and informing them of the services we offer.

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