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Do you have a website or blog? How was the process in making it? Does it accomplish the purpose for which it was created?

Yes, I own a website and a built in blog which feeds into my FANS site on Facebook and Twitter. I love the site... check it out! http://videopsychicadvice.com/ 

Yes, I do have a blog. I created it to coincide with the choreography videos that were uploaded to featured the background of the dances. I feel it has served its purpose yet--and got me here on this site! 

Yes, I have a blog that is primarily directed at and for the benefit of my clients. 

Yes, both... and more. The website was hand-coded in HTML and it nearly killed me, however it has earned me a number of commissions. 

See above. www.rockafellowlaw.com; Leightonsbooks@blogspot.com: my author page at Amazon.com and my Facebook account are my windows to the web. The internet is a very effective tool for mass communications. 

Yes I do, I made it just learnt from another web.since I looked on google, it was very advantage to improve my IT. 

a blog- currently a work in progress 

Designed to forward the marketing side of sports.

Designed as a work in progress to test the video medium and categories of interest.

Created to experiment with the written word and video as a mixed communication on various thoughts regardless of the subject matter.

Designed to guide our listeners to a site that acts as a motorsports portal.

I loved putting the pieces together to create my sites! I am by no means a technical guru or computer whiz, but I love doing this for some reason! It appeals to the artist in me and the side of me that loves puzzles! Finding the right combination of colours and pictures that feel good to me.

http://nicolakaresh.com - "Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections" by Nicola G. Karesh
https://nicolakaresh.wordpress.com/ - "A Call To Grace" blog
http://loveofthewild.wordpress.com/ - "For The Love Of The Wild" blog
http://irresistiblyjamaica.wordpress.com/ - "Irresistibly Jamaica" blog

My art/photography website is at http://trace-elements.tripod.com/webstore It showcases some of my photography products created using Zazzle and CafePress. Trace Elements also has a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trace-Elements-Art/179675880680

My Norwegian language and Scandinavian dance class website is at http://norskpdx.tripod.com/ I created them using Trellix and Tripod; I highly recommend this format for anyone who wants to create a professional website. They are easy to update every week with pictures and new homework assignments, and my students love being able to go to one place for the information. Grieg Lodge Leikarringen (the dance class) has a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grieg-Lodge-Leikarringen/136884141267

A portfolio of my writing is located at http://hubpages.com/_2vvet0b72lmvg/profile/KT+pdx My articles there are varied. You can request a "hub" article from me as well.

My cats' blog is at http://pdxpride.blogspot.com/ and my cat products blog is at http://thefrugalfeline.blogspot.com/

My blog is a http://thisandthatday.blogspot.com/. It's beginning to serve its purpose. 

I have websites and a blog and they could be a little more specific with their content. 

Yes, I have a website and the process in making it was little bit challenge for me at the beginning but after while it was extremely easy. My accomplish the purpose for which it was created to make friends. 

My blogs take a lot of my time, moreso that I am not tech savvy... It was real painful at the beginning, but now I am sometimes surprising myself... Nowadays, I would not do without. 


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