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What motivates you to undertake a new project?

The answer for the question : Am I able of doing that and impress. 

Simple, motivasinya adalah:
1. Belajar, belajar dan belajar sambil mengasah otak pada waktu yang sama agar tidak tumpul :-)
2. Niat banget buat membantu para client yang membutuhkan solusi di IT field
3. Last but not least is... MONEY

Level of challenge associated with a new project(the bigger the challenge, the more I get motivated)
Being able to offer users software solutions they initially thought were a far fetched dream
The learning experience gained from a new project

On every Project i work on , the first thing i look is the new things i will learn on the project. I love challenges , i love improving on my skills and work on every new project i work on. 

Necessity and personal interest. I like writing programs to solve problems the way some people like to solve crossword puzzles. 

First is learning that something new and challenge, then money 

New work 

Are the ideas new? I'm less motivated to repeat myself since there is very little excitement in duplication. 

Work: I'm told to. Personal: I need to learn something from the experience. 

That motivate me to carry out the project is to get the addition of money, to get the new experience, and to get the methode as well as the new business process. 

The pleasure of learning new concepts 

1. The challenges in the project
2. The team
3. Money

I don't like routine, so, if there is a project that is short in length, involves modern technologies and a lot of reading, that's the right project for me no matter how well it pays. 

Opportunity for success for both the client and myself, creativity, purpose, and of course financial need ;] 

The Quality of projects and money of course... 

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