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What motivates you to undertake a new project?

The pleasure of learning new concepts 

1. The challenges in the project
2. The team
3. Money

I don't like routine, so, if there is a project that is short in length, involves modern technologies and a lot of reading, that's the right project for me no matter how well it pays. 

Opportunity for success for both the client and myself, creativity, purpose, and of course financial need ;] 

The Quality of projects and money of course... 

The idea that I'll be helping someone with a project so in order to take on it I must be sure that it is possible to do, not complicated or at least the complications will have some benefit, both for experience and money (for both sides). It must be a viable project. Don't want to get caught in never-ending projects again. 

Mostly money,as it does after all makes the world go round,but also the sense of accomplishment that goes with completing a project. 

somthing to know a new analysis or tools .. it's mean more experinces 

New Challenge to face and new things to learn. 

If money and finance were taken out of the equation, all of the projects I took on would be for the challenge. I love the initial conceptualization of the project when ideas are floating around and hopes/exceptions are high. then taking those ideas and making them a reality for the client.

The more challenging and the more features the project has the better, I love using the latest techniques and trends to there fullest potential to create an application that truly blows the client away!

A chance to learn something new 

Every thing new.........that motivate me. 

learn something through experience 

To find the best way to come up with a solution. 

Creativity, programming challenge.
I like seeing my work on display for the world - especially I LOVE solving a hard problem for someone.

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