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How did you begin programming and at what age?

My first programming experience was in Applesoft Basic, I was 7 or 8yrs old then. Later, I programmed in Basic and Extended Basic on a TI-99/4a, Basic on a Commodore 64, and again back to Applesoft Basic. I did some logo and lisp programming as well, and spend some time in Pascal classes in high school. and later learned Visual Basic. GW-BASIC on the IBM, and ended up spending most of my time programming in Turbo-Basic also on the IBM 

I began coding in my first year at university, by the age of 20, although i have a previous knowledge of writing scripts in Access which i learnt in high school. 

at the age of 21yr 

During my first year at college. I was seventeen back then. 

At the age of 9, my dad bough me a ZX Spectrum clone. 

I started programming back in 2008. I learned more about it in our school and I want to study it if I get the chance for it. I was 18 at this point. 

You have invited a framework to your interview.

I started never. But I can throw very large exceptions and I understand the command "!coffee".

When I was 10 years old I learned to program a Texas Instrument TI-59 calculator 

I began programming in 2003. 

I was at university, so a relative late-comer. I just started playing around at home, teaching myself from books, and trial and error. After a few years as an analytical chemist I wanted a career change and started a technical graduate program with a large financial services company in London. 

I started programming at University, age 18 

I started looking at basic VB scripts around the age of 14 then moved onto looking a C and quite quickly onto Java around the age of 18. 

I wrote my first program when I was 8. A bunch of hippies came every week to my school to teach us Commodore Basic. Thanks to my dad, I enrolled in that course even when I was "underage" for it :) 

Started programming around 14 on QBASIC, but really started with SphereScript, a language built for a Ultima Online server emulator. 

I badgered my parents into buying a friends cast-off Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the late 80s - I was probably around ten or so.

Little more than a games machine, it did have BASIC hardcoded in, with the keywords printed on the 'dead flesh' rubber keys.

I spent that summer and more reading and rereading the manual, and teasing apart the programs that were listed in the Sinclair user magazines I'd brought.

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