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What is the book you would like to write?

I'm currently writing a second edition of The 21st Century Guide to Promoting Your Small Business and also working on a book for mothers who start businesses around children. 

I am currently writing a thriller novel involving education, politics and espionage. 

i have a dream,that someday i want to write a book about my country.I'll give the book titled "Indonesia and its political" 

It would be a romance novel ;-) 

I want to write a novel about a magic cat going on a cosmic adventure. That really is my only ambition there. I could also probably write one on grammar and its importance, and the correct pronunciation of "H". 

Yes, 2:
Assimilate all the outstanding achievers, bring them out in a book form with their ideas & mottos on : HOW did they survive in unfortunate circumstances, for example, my best pick is Lance Armstrong.

My biography.

One that was published. Not the ones sitting on my hard drive. 

Hmmmm, something about travel but not the "year in Tuscany" type thing. Something meaningful but new and different - I'm still thinking! 

I'm,wRitting it NighTCreEP WALKER 

The sequel to the one I wrote last year! 

Like to? The title's too good to give away without a publishing deal. Am currently writing something Royal and top-secret 

I'd like to cover some of my family history in an epic postmodern patchwork quilt of a novel. Pending time availabilities. 

A journalistic comic-book about nanotechnology (I've made one, but it's really short and not well drawed as I want) 

No burning ambitions to write a book 

"The 100 Best Poems From The Free Venice Beachhead" 

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