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Will the paper press disappear?

I think there is a place for print, in photography for example, people like to see the images in the medium of print. 

As sad as it is for me to admit, I think paper press is on its way out but there will always be people who love the tactile nature of reading the paper. 


Yes. It should have ten years ago. 

hm in the short time?I don't think so.because.there is a lot of people who need a good news or an accurate sources. 


I think it will diminish into a smaller, more localised phenomenon, and be free to acquire, much like the Evening Standard (although hopefully not as rubbish). 


I hope not. Paper press has nowadays the advantage that analizes the facts, i think it will finally convert into a specialized press, not about what's going on that day but of how affects or how does the fact developes. 

No, but it'll slowly diminish. 

Not altogether would be my simplified answer. I do still feel people love sifting through newspapers and magazines with their own hands, no matter how convenient the online or i-Pad sources are. I personally still buy the Sunday paper as it's my one chance to relax on the weekend. 

With timE 

As it pertains to the daily media ... eventually, yes. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450. Despite advances in speed of production, the process remained largely the same for 750 years. The only two other professions to remain unchanged for 750 years are farming and prostitution. It was time to evolve. 

I bloody well hope not 

Of course... it will become a relic, but it may come back into fashion. 

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