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Would you say the journalism blog is revolutionizing the profession?

Well, "revolution" connotes positive change to my mind. I don't know if the journalism blogging phenomenon is positive or not, yet. It's too soon to tell. I am fascinated by the democratization of journalism that has occurred because of blogging and New Media. 

In many aspects yes, because people are spending so much time online and trust more and more the information they get there, and a lot is going on with the help of social networks like twitter etc...

But not everyone is a journalist though, not everyone know the standards and the ethic we should always have inside ourselves when we do our work.

Yes. It is the future of journalism and it is here now. 


It certainly has with me. 

I think anything that creates more transparency for, and education about, the profession is a good thing - never has there been so much public dialogue (on the net) about ethics and practises. However, it also pits the journalist as a 'talking head' as apposed to an anonymous news producer. There is more responsibility with that, particularly when presenting your personal views in one domain but then being expected to maintain an aura of impartiality in another. 

yes, absolute 

Blogging is giving those without the opportunity to get into the journalism world. For existing journalists it is another avenue to get into. Blogging has revolutionised the online world nevermind the profession. 

of caurce yes. 

Yes. I think new technology always does that and that it is important to keep up with it. 

Absolutely. It is revolutionizing the media and at the same time will destroy it if it isn't controlled beyond the shrill behavior of adult chlldren wanting to be heard.

Somehow, between the last generation, or perhaps the one before, kids are not taught to respect others. This may be a byproduct of the 60's when their parents were linking hands in street intersections, yelling, "Hell no, I won't go."

What we have now, is a generation of young adults that don't have a clue about how to respect others of differing opinions.

Absolutely, it allows so many more people to say exactly what they want at any time and on any issue. It's also fresh and raw, unlike an article which has gone through many edits as it allows the reader to get close to the journalist in a way an article wouldn't. I do wonder if it would also revolutionise the way people blog? Would people be more thoughtful if they realised it may be treated as journalism. 


Yes, depending on the contents and integrity of the blog. 

I don't read blogs. Not really interested in people's viewpoints unless I'm specifically researching a story and need views. 

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